Saturday, 30 January 2010

Plain Crochet Scarf

The crocheted scarf I was making for the homeless grew somewhat whilst I was waiting around in the hospital yesterday. I keep splitting the wool though. That's the problems with crocheting two strands together. There is enough wool to make this scarf and a hat to match and possibly another set later on.

My niece called today. She wanted to catch up on the news about my knees. Now I have finally worked out how to use the DVD on the TV I can watch films. She has loads of them and has brought me a few Chick Flicks around so that I can watch them. I will have something to watch now when there is nothing inspiring or entertaining on the TV.

I have decided not to go to my ex's 65th birthday party as no-one is going who lives near me so I cannot share the cost of a taxi with them. The party is quite a distance away and the cost of a taxi both ways would be a bit too expensive. Originally there was going to be a mini bus going from near me but the people who were organising it now aren't going. I wouldn't have minded sharing the cost of that.

It is my baby's birthday today. He is 41. I think that he is going out with his wife and some friends tonight. I think that my ex is a bit upset that he isn't going to his 65th party but as he has arranged it on my son's birthday I think that it is a foregone conclusion that Ian would want to spend it with his wife and friends and not his Dad.

My friend Sylvia and her daughter have gone to the Stitch and Craft Exhibition in Manchester today. I didn't want to go this year as the knees just aren't up to the walking around on a hard concrete floor. Unless there is more wool there this year I won't be missing much. I find that these shows are more for card crafts and cross stitch than knitting and crochet. I will hear all about it when she rings me tonight. I am sure that they will have managed to find some bargains to buy. Lisa and a couple of the Noras will be there on a stall hopefully selling the remaining Naked Knitting calendars in aid of Christies.

Time for some lunch and then back to the scratchy navy scarf that I am crocheting. It's Knit Out day tomorrow at Bolton Knitting Noras. I am looking forward to that as I didn't manage to get there last month.

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