Tuesday, 12 January 2010

What To Make With A Bag Of Purple Oddments

The funny shaped socks are finished. They fit beautifully so who cares how weird they look. Best pair of crochet socks that I have made so far. I am not sure if it is the pattern stitch or the wool that makes these socks so comfy as usually I find crochet socks a bit uncomfy underfoot to wear them inside my shoes. I normally wear my crochet socks as house socks and my knitted ones in shoes and boots. I will definitely make another pair like this although they are a bit boring to crochet so I will wait a while before I do that. My niece likes a pair of slipper socks from the other book so as soon as I can get out to get some suitable wool then I will make them for her.

I think that I like purple. In fact I think that I really like purple otherwise why would I have so many part balls from projects that I have made in the past.After sorting out my oddments into colours and seeing what a huge bag of purples that I have I decided to make yet another All Shawl by Doris Chan.I really must find another pattern that uses up oddments but this pattern just seems to lend itself to crocheting a couple of rows of one colour without looking too striped. I think that it's because I crochet in between the stitches of the previous row rather than into them. The second photo is the next run of colours but on reflection I think that I will take the lighter colour out. It looks a bit too light now that I see it in the daylight.

My cat Oscar (sorry my next door neighbour's cat Oscar) is now sleeping on the sofa. I woke him up with the camera flash but he has now gone back to sleep.Fortunately for me he completely ignores my wool when I am knitting or crocheting. He is a strange cat. Never wants to play. I have tried with bits of wool and balls and he just looks at me as if I am completely mad (he is not far wrong there then)All he does when he visits is sleep and eat.

The amaryllis has bloomed further overnight and is now almost in full flower. It is probably because the house is quite warm. I will worry about the heating bill when it arrives but I am sorry I just cannot stand the cold. My knees hurt on a good day but on a cold day they are unbearable. I had a very bad night again last night. I don't know why but as soon as I get into bed the pain in my knees worsens considerably. I just seem to get in the right comfy position to sleep when I should be getting up. I have tried everything. I have put pillows under my knees, rolled up towels under them. I have rubbed them with Ibuprofen and Peppermint udder cream but none of them have worked. When the snow goes I must discuss with my GP about stronger pain killers if only to take before bedtime. I have an appointment with the specialist next week but he wont prescribe any painkillers. All he does is eventually write to my GP with his recommendations.

The snow is slightly melting and I might try to venture out today. I need to collect a prescription and although I have placed an order with Tesco there are of course several things that I have forgotten.

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Ambermoggie, a fragrant soul said...

gorgeous socks Jan and I love the shawl, well purple I would wouldn't I?
Sorry youa re having such difficulty sleeping, have your tried one of those wheatie pillows around your knee or a hot water bottle before sleep?