Monday, 11 January 2010

The Amaryllis Is Blooming

The amaryllis is blooming. Yesterday evening when I was washing the dishes I noticed that the flowers were starting to open. It was funny really. The plant must like the dark as every time I went into the kitchen during the course of the evening to make a drink of coffee it had opened a bit more. This morning it looked like this photo. It is a really delicate colour but pretty never the less. I had it in my head that it would be a darker colour but obviously they come in all colours.

I have finished one sock. It looks rather a funny shape but as you can see my ankle must be a very funny shape as the sock fits really well. I can't stand socks with tight tops or long legs as they irritate my eczema and if they are shop bought socks the elastic leaves ridges around my swollen ankles. The pattern is very slow going but I must admit that there is something mesmeric about crocheting round and round with the same stitch that I have found very soothing.The sock did feel very comfy when I tried it on so I think they will be a hit with me. the only problem is the wool was a ball that I bought some time ago and had part knitted into a sock. The label is missing so I can't buy another ball even if I wanted to. I think that it was sold as a 4ply but is is very fine and is working up more of a 3ply.

I hope that the weather clears up as I have put in an food order online to Tesco and the delivery date is Thursday. The snow seems to be clearing slightly although it did try to snow again yesterday but only a very light sprinkling. I decided that it was worth the £4.50p delivery cost as I need quite a few heavy items like washing powder, comfort, cordials and soft drinks as well as some tins of soup which I would have found hard to drag home through the snow with my trolley and I can't ask my neighbours (who are also walking) to carry heavy items home for me. It would have cost me as much to get a taxi to and from Tesco so why not have it delivered.

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lalltop said...

I was wondering if you had grocery delivery there and if it was affordable as you shouldn't be trying to get heavy things home like that... Hopefully you will have a warming trend like we are going to have over the next several days and some of your snow will melt... Like your sock, hope it keeps your toes warm... Well actually I guess you will have to find yarn to make another one now, won't you?.. Lynn