Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Out In The Snow

Yesterday I braved the elements for the first time in almost 2 weeks. I needed to collect a prescription from the doctors and a few things that I had forgotten to put on my order from Tesco that should be delivered tomorrow. I don't think that I will be repeating the trip as is was rather hairy in parts. As I have said before I live on a hill but there is a walking shortcut but it involved a set of cobbled steps which of course hadn't been cleared or gritted. I managed to get up them by clinging onto the handrail on the way up but with a heavier trolley on the way back I was doing a great impression of a learner on ice skates.

My knees hurt like hell but they are better for the walk. I know it sounds weird but walking does seem to ease some of my circulation problems which have added to my knee pain whilst I have been cooped up at home. I wish that this snow would go away as I am getting really fed up with it now. I asked the pharmacist for something for my leg eczema and she said I needed to see a doctor as she doesn't think it is eczema but more something linked to my circulation problems or possibly toxins in my system. I am going to see my knee specialist next Tuesday so I will ask his opinion and then book an appointment with the doctor after that.

I wore my crochet socks inside my boots for my trip up the village. I must have sensitive feet as when I wear handmade socks it is like having an exfoliation and a massage when I walk on knitted or crochet ridges. I prefer bare feet but it's not very hygienic inside boots.

The shawl hasn't progressed much as I was tired last night due to my bad night's sleep and kept nodding off in front of the TV.

I haven't been over busy and made the waistcoat as well. That is a vintage cotton one from when I had the shop. I had been wearing it and it was drying on the radiator so I thought that I would do a Doris Chan type blog when she puts what she is wearing today. In my case it is what I was wearing at the weekend. I was wearing it with black trousers and over a polo neck sweater for some extra warmth. It is made from Patons Classic Cotton. I have several garments in my wardrobe made in this and it is such a shame that it is no longer made as it was a lovely mercerised cotton that washes and washes as you can see from the condition of my ancient waistcoat.

Today I feel a bit more refreshed as I managed to get a few hours sleep last night. Hopefully I will get the shawl finished today although my stash does not seem to have gone down one bit even with a shawl's worth of wool missing. Must think of more stash busting ideas. I have found some purple random chunky so I think that a knitted hat will be the next project.


lalltop said...

That vest is very pretty, wish I had a pattern for it, it is very nice... I have been trying to stay in too but my husband had a doctors appointment both yesterday and today and I was rather like a learning skater too... I really do not enjoy slipping and scaring myself, last time I fell my doctor said I probably fractured my wrist but I didn't know it and just started wearing a brace on it... took over 5 or 6 months before I could go without the brace without pain... I won't do that again... Hope things get to going well for you... Lynn

Susan said...

I LOVE the purple shades!!!!!!!!