Saturday, 28 July 2012

A Tour Around the Workroom

As I am starting to recover my energy, after feeling so lack lustre for weeks,  I spent yesterday swapping things about in the house. The video today is a tour of what I have achieved so far. There is still a lot more to do but when you consider that my house was beginning to resemble an episode of Hoarders then I am quite pleased with the results so far. As my friend says now that I have tidied it then it's time to use some of the yarn hoard before I buy anything else. As she is not a crocheter I resisted the urge to kill her. My crocheting friends understand fully where I am at but even they don't understand this compulsion that I seem to have for collecting (a nicer word than hoarding) all things crafty especially yarn related.

 I think that it all stems from my childhood when after the war everything was rationed and hard to get. My Mother used to hoard up anything that could be used or re-used.  Bits of wool and buttons. My Father was the same only he hoarded anything vaguely DIY like nails, screws, string and bits of wood. My aunt used to sew and saved all the offcuts from the dresses that she made, for other people, to make things for me. My Brother still has almost every book that he has bought in his lifetime, His house is like a huge library and his garage is wall to wall books. There is barely room for his small car.

 I think that you can safely say that hoarding is in my genes. We are a great family of collectors. My Son collects motor bikes and spares. His Father, my ex,  has a garage full of things that might come in useful one day.

This afternoon I am going to my Brother and Sister in Law's to meet up with the rest of their family to celebrate their Ruby Wedding Anniversary. I will see my Great Nephew J.P who is now 3 months old. I haven't seen him since he came up from London when he was a couple of weeks old. He will really look different this time. I believe that he is still a red head. My younger niece used to have reddish blonde hair as a child and her husband has red hair too.. His Dad and my Sister in law were also red headed when young so J.P had more than a 50/50 chance of red hair.

I had better hit the shower and get dressed. I knew that my new dresses would come in handy. Since I bought them I have had a few chances to wear them. Now if only the weather would stay sunny and then I can wear my new shorts and vest tops. I only wear them in the garden but the weather hasn't been warm enough for that except for a couple of days but that was before I bought them.

Happy Crocheting!

Thursday, 26 July 2012

My Abakhan Challenge for July

If you are a follower of my blog then you will know that I accepted a challenge from Abakhan  to turn £15 worth of anything that they sell into a project. As I am a crocheter and sometime knitter of course I chose yarn. This project was supposed to have been my June project but as I have been plagued my some health issues and a couple of deadlines this has turned into my July project.

The theme of my project was to try to be able to wear Summery clothes even when the weather wasn't particularly warm and sunny. We all have those summer dresses in the wardrobe and don't put them on as we don't want to put a heavy jacket over the and yet are cold with our arms bare  My aim is to show that a pretty short sleeved jacket will fill the gap.

A design similar to this makes even my sleeveless dresses wearable when the air is chillier than it should be for Summer. It is pretty and warm and yet light enough to look Summery. This pattern is the Short n' Sweet by Angie Best which can be found in the Stitch and Bitch The Happy Hooker book.

As you can see from the back view my version is more of a Long n' Sweet. That is the beauty of making something yourself. It can be adapted to suit your figure type. As I am plus sized then I like my jackets to cover my hips as I think that the longer line is slimming.

The yarn that I used is James C Brett Cotton On   which comes in such a variety of colours that I was spoiled for choice. The reason that I chose this colour was simply because I had bought some new dresses that had splashes of this colour in them. I am so pleased with the way that this yarn has worked up. It is a cotton mix so it has the properties of the cotton mixed with the lightness of an acrylic. At £1.85 a ball this jacket cost me £11.10p to make. It would have cost me a ball less if I had made my sleeves just an inch shorter which is very good considering that I am plus sized. An average sized lady making her jacket shorter and smaller could make it for £8 - £9 at the most.

This is a close up of the stitch. Despite looking complicated it is quite an easy stitch to follow. I like the way that the jacket is worked top down all in one after the armholes. As the sleeves are crocheted downwards too there is hardly any sewing up, except for the yarn tails, which is my kind of crochet.

 Another reason why I had to dip int my 6th ball was that I added an extra edging around that wasn't on the pattern. I tried it on and although it is meant to be an edge to edge  jacket I felt that it was looking a bit too far apart so I added a couple of rows if a shell edging around it to give me an extra inch on either side. Now I can fasten it with a fancy button or a brooch if I want to.

As the weather in the UK has been so dismal this Summer I think that I am going to make more of these little jackets in different patterns. I don't know about you but I am so sick of wearing my dowdy winter type clothes instead of pretty Summer dresses. Instead of freezing this Summer make yourselves some boleros, jackets, stoles  or shawls in pretty colours and get those dresses out of the wardrobe and get them worn. If you are not a bright colour loving person, like me, then there are some lovely shades in the neutral or paler colours that will fit into your wardrobe colours a treat.

Happy crocheting.

Sunday, 22 July 2012

Short n' Sweet

No I am not referring to myself with the title but the garment that I have started with the lovely to work with James C Brett Cotton On. I am supposed to be participating in the Abakhan monthly challenge but have been a bit busy so I didn't manage to do one for June. I have changed my June challenge into a July one.

As I mentioned before the yarn is a 50/50 mix of cotton and acrylic and is so soft to work with unlike some yarns that split as I am crocheting. As it is a mix it has 158 yds to every 50 gram ball which at £1.85 ball makes it a good quality but also good value yarn. It comes in lots of colours. I have trouble deciding which one to choose as there were so many. Click on the link and see which one you would choose.

Anyway enough of my gabble this is what I am making

 Short n Sweet by Angela Best

The pattern comes from this book. If you haven't got this book in your library then all I can say is Why Not?  It isn't just a tuition book it comes with lots of very wearable patterns. If you don't believe me than just look on Ravelry and see how many projects have been made by members from this book.

At the moment mine looks like this. As you can see mine is more Long n' Sweet as being of a more rotund figure I prefer my clothes to be that bit longer in the hope of disguising my overly curvaceous body. OK rotund is the real word I should be using but I prefer curvaceous!

The colour is showing off the pattern beautifully. Once it is finished and has sleeves added it should look like this.

Well better than this actually. This was made about 3 yrs ago in acrylic and has been washed and worn very frequently which is why I decided to make another one.

This is a pattern that I bought from EBay.I think that they are so sweet. I am going to make some once I get some lavender or other small potpourri to fill the centre fabric hearts in the middle of the crochet.

I have almost finished this cushion cover. It looks a bit out of shape at the moment as it is not displayed with the cushion inside it as it still needs some presstuds sewing on to close the top and yet still make it easy to remove for washing. It is a much smaller size than the granny square cushion. I call this a boudoir cushion. The cream yarn that I used is from the same bundle of yarn that I used to make the granny square cushion. Six colours were bought in the Sale at Abakhan. I shared the bags of 5 x 100 gram balls of each colour with my friend Sue (The Enabler) . I still have lots left to make other things with.

I think that I mentioned before that I have been revamping my wardrobe with the aid of EBay. I hate shopping and as I can't walk far I hate it even more now so online shopping is the way forward for me. Since I bought this and the other clothes I have found out that I may be going to the Greek Islands for a week in September. It's only a maybe at the moment as it is for a wedding blessing of two old friends who are in Skiathos ( think Mamma Mia). He wants his Mum to be there and his Dad doesn't want to travel so I may be accompanying his Mum who I have known for 40 yrs to his blessing. Nothing is settled but at least I have some new clothes (and shoes) ready if I go. All I need now is a nice lightweight suitcase with wheels but I am sure that someone in my family has one that I can borrow.

I took these two photos last night as I was getting ready to go to my elder step granddaughter's engagement party. When I looked at them this morning I realised that I took them before I put my party top on. I wore an elbow length red top but as the neckline is very low I had put this red vest top underneath it to cover my modesty and my bra. I had a great night out. It was lovely to see my family all in one place and my lovely great granddaughters who were dancing about in their party dresses. I think that I am getting old though as they had a live rock band which were very good but extremely loud. Conversation was impossible when they were playing. When I got home last night my ears were ringing and a bit sore. Thankfully they have now recovered.

Sorry about the week's delay in posting but I haven't really been doing a lot of crochet this week as I am still in the sorting out mode. Unfortunately it takes me such a long time to do things these days that what should be a day's worth of work now takes me a week thanks to this stupid back pain. I have to do a little bit and then sit down for a while. It's very frustrating when I think of how I used to be a mere 10 yrs ago. Then I worked a full time and a part time job and still managed to keep the house clean and tidy. Maybe that's the reason I am like I am now. I wore myself out when I was younger as I have always been such a hard worker. That is why I find it hard to accept my limitations these days. At least I can still crochet and get around and about so I should just stop whinging and get on with things!

Thanks to everyone for your lovely comments. I do appreciate them so much.

Saturday, 14 July 2012

Rose & Lee Vintage Living

Today I spent a very pleasant afternoon at Rose & Lee Vintage Living  showroom. She was holding a vintage and craft fair day. I have taken lots of photos as most of my blog friends would not be able to join me for afternoon tea and cakes and I didn't want you to miss out on the experience.

Aren't these things gorgeous. I call this style shabby chic but I am not sure if this is how Fiona from Rose & Lee would describe it. I would love to have a dresser like this in my dining room but then I would have to change everything in the house to match it.

I don't know if you can see the bed properly but it is huge. Lovely and ornate. I would have loved to try it out but I didn't want to wrinkle the bedspread. I love the ornate wardrobe. Oh to have a house big enough to house things like this. Maralyn is having a cosy chat with Kate at the end of the afternoon.

Somewhere in this photo is a hand sewing machine. I would love to have one of those but as I own a vintage treadle machine I cannot justify have another machine. Robert is taking a well deserved rest after making his wife Maralyn (One Vintage Lady), his sister in law and myself cups of tea and coffee all afternoon and butlering the cakes to me whilst I sat on one of the comfy vintage chairs and crocheted.

More gorgeous drawers and cabinets. Lovely shabby chic to grace a bedroom or lounge.

This is the sewing machine that I would have loved to take home with me.

Vintage clothes for sale.

More vintage clothing. These are part of the stall showcasing goods from 1 Vintage Lady  Maralyn and Robert/ The link will take you to Facebook if you want to contact about anything that you see on the rail or in this next photo.

They go to lots of vintage fairs so if you contact them they may do one in your area if you live in the North of England. Maralyn specialises in selling china and offers a matching service if you have broken a piece of your favourite tea service. They also sell vintage jewelry which I don't think that you can see in this photo.

The things for sale in this corner come from Deer Vintage Clothing. There is a some vintage jewelry on the table.

Vintage mirrors for sale from Rose & Lee.

Some pictures for sale and another one of many larger mirrors that are dotted around the showroom.

Fiona ( of Rose & Lee) along with Kate modelling two of the vintage style dresses that can be bought through the showroom.

Fiona modelling another style of the vintage style dresses.

I hope that you like sharing these photos with me. If you could not get there in person then this is the next best thing. Everything that you can see in the photos is for sale so contact Fiona in the website link in my first paragraph of on their Facebook page Rose & Lee Vintage Living. What I didn't show was the gorgeous hand made candles that were dotted all around the showroom. The are so beautiful.

If you are interested in the china, vintage clothes and jewelry then contact 1 Vintage Lady on Facebook by following this link.

I didn't exhibit at the fair although I did take a bag of crochet with me including this huge granny square cushion that I finished off last night. I can make these in different colours and of a more normal size. This one is 24" v 24" and is only over a cheaper quality cushion pad that isn't washable. If they were made to order then the price would reflect a better quality pad that would be covered with fabric that would show through the crochet fabric. I would make the covers detachable for easy washing.

 I finished off my tiny tea cosy. Whilst this one is for sale I won't be making any more as Knitting hurts my shoulders and I knit very sparingly nowadays. I have got some crochet tea cosy patterns and also some different crochet cushion covers that I am going to make.

Today was a nice sunny day and I was able to wear one of my Summer dresses for a change.

Hope that you all have a good weekend .

Thursday, 12 July 2012

Yarns From Abakhan

As you know I use various places to buy my yarn from. Today I want to show you the yarns that I got from Abakhan  As you know from my post a couple of months ago I accepted a challenge from Abakhan turn £15 worth of my choice of yarn into anything that I wanted. I have been very lax and didn't manage to make the June challenge as I was finishing off crochet dresses, bags and jackets for my friend's holiday. I will have to make June's challenge into my July challenge instead. If you missed my last challenge for Abakhan then just browse hack in the blog a couple of months.

Thanks to all my followers. I am so glad that I am not chatting to myself and that you seem to be enjoying my rambling little chats. Your comments are so lovely. Here is today's chat.

This is a close up of the gorgeously soft James C Brett Cotton On  that I am going to use for my July project. It comes in many colours as you can see if you click on the highlighted link above which will take you to the relelvant page. .

This is a close up of the yarn that my friend Sue (aka the Enabler) bought from the Abakhan store in Bolton. I got a phone call a couple of months ago saying that she was in Abakhan and they had these bargain packs of 500 grams in various colours and did I want to share the packs with her. I may not get out much but I still can spend money Ha ha!

Abakhan may not have these bargain packs now but they always have some great Sale offers if you look on their web page or are lucky enough to have a store local to where you live in the UK.  If they don't have the colours that you want in the Sale then they do have very reasonable priced acrylic DK similar to these shades.

I added a couple of colours that I had in stash. As you can see I am very influenced by Attic 24 in the colours that I am using.

I do hope that this tea cosy doesn't prove to be a seller. Pretty as it is I am not a knitter these days and this pattern is driving me nuts with all the threading at the back of the colours. Give me a crochet hook any day.

My bargain bamboo hooks from China. I am not faithful to any one kind of hook. I choose the ones that run the smoothest with whichever yarn I am using. Some days the metal hooks work better, some the acrylic hooks, and some the bamboo. I have lots of hooks but I need them as I tend to lose them a lot. I can lose a hook without ever leaving the house! The same fairy that took my cushion patterns and hid them also hides my crochet hooks. Sewing up needles also vanish without trace.

Some things turn up again eventually but I get so sick of wasting valuable crochet time searching for a lost hook that now I always have supplies of every size in stash.

Thank you to all of my new viewers. When I started this blog a few years ago I did it for myself as an online account of what I was doing or making on a certain day. I never really imagined that other people would actually read it. I love reading crochet blogs. I have lots of favourites and can spend literally hours catching up on peoples news and projects. I get lost for hours on You Tube.

One new friend that I have met through the videos and Facebook is Haylees hats who has You tube videos as Fresh off the hook Haylees hats   I love the You Tube videos of Fresh off the Hook family and the Cast Off Crew but such a lot of the members are from the US and mention yarns that we can't get in the UK so it's nice to watch someone from the UK and see which yarns they use.

I must settle down to an afternoon and evening of crochet otherwise I will have nothing relating to this fair finished in time for Saturday. I have plenty of other stuff to take but I wanted something more household for this one.

Thanks for watching. By the way the red crochet top that I am wearing on the video is a bought one from years ago. I was food shopping in Asda (Walmart) and saw it and just fell in love with it. At the time I was in a crochet slump so there was no way at that time I could have attempted anything similar.

Have a great crochet day X

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Mystery Packets from Kemps

Today I am showing you the contents of my mystery packages from Kemps online wool stpre..They had bargain 'buy unseen' packs of wool where you have no idea what is in the packs until they arrive. The whole lot that I show cost me £33.75 including the postage. They are still on offer if you are interested but you would probably get a different lot of colours than I got.

First I will show you the green cardigan for myself that I was crocheting in my last video. A bit small for me but I am sure that it will drop when it is washed as it is quite heavy. .

I added gold metallic buttons as I didn't have anything in my button stash this shade of green.

What I was trying to show to you before I got cut off ( I must learn to time myself better) was a tiny packet of gold beads that cost me £1.75 from China. The postman woke me up yesterday at 7am for me to sign for them! They are not real gold honestly so why send them recorded delivery?

The Vintage craft fair that I mentioned on the video is Vintage fair at Rose & Lee . I am looking forward to seeing her showroom for the first time. I have been to fairs before that Fiona organised but they were in Prestwich Longfield suite.

I have now given up looking for the lost crochet patterns otherwise I will not have any time to make anything before Saturday!

I hope that you are having more a  productive day than I am. Thanks to everyone for your  lovely supportive comments. I was expecting a pattern to be delivered by the postman but so far there is no sign of him unless I have missed him going past.

Saturday, 7 July 2012

My First Crochet Vlog

As I have been so lax in keeping up with my blog I decided to take a new approach and video it instead. Sorry that I ran out of time at the end to say Goodbye. I will have to time myself better next time. I hope that you enjoy it. Thank you so much for all of your lovely comments. Still working on the tidying!

Friday, 6 July 2012

The Stash Room Needs Finishing

I didn't finish the Stash room. I got waylaid by waiting for my storage boxes to be delivered. I went to the local hardware store and bought these.

Two large see through plastic boxes with lids, two fold away baskets and two large laundry bags. As my only method of transport is my mobility scooter even stacked inside each other I couldn't fit them on my mobility scooter. We tried with the aid of bungee straps but no luck. The shop owner kindly offered to deliver them for me so I had to wait until the shop closed so it was 6.30pm before they arrived. The tidying up mood had passed over by then so I will have to tackle this today,

Last night I was giggling to myself as I got into bed. I cleared the bed and put everything on the floor leaving just enough room for me to climb into bed. I was looking around for the cameras for Hoarders as I expected them to arrive at any moment. I dare not open my  bedroom curtains as the BT men are up the telephone pole outside and I would hate them to look inside my messy bedroom.

They have brought road drills today and are digging up the pavement. They woke me up but it is just as well as it was past 10am. These days I sleep by my body clock unless I am going somewhere or expecting visitors. The postman is on his way round so I have put off my shower until he arrives.

Thank you everyone for your kind comments on my Stash room. I am going to show you another part of the house that is laughingly called my dining room. I am only showing part of it on this video as the rest of it (where the other knitting machine is kept) was even messier as I had the ironing board up in the middle of it.

This is the room that houses 2 knitting machine, a treadle sewing machine in it's drop down cabinet (not shown)  and my loadsa, loadsa machine cones.

The files are the start of trying to organise my crochet patterns. These are already full and I have some more empty ones waiting for me. It's a long job sorting patterns into categories and I keep getting sidetracked by Oohing and Aahing over forgotten patterns. I would make so many of them but I need to find a market for them as there are only so many sweaters that I can wear in my lifetime. I need to have a sort out of my woollies. Make some new ones and cull a few that are too scruffy to wear now. I am sure that you have a few favourites covered in bobbles, a bit washed up and faded that, like me, you hang on to,

Time to see what the postman has delivered. I will show you what has arrived on another post. As far as I can remember I am only expecting a couple of vintage patterns today.

Today is another rainy day. I hope that your weather is better than Manchester.

Thursday, 5 July 2012

An Update on My Stash Tidying

Two posts in one day. That has never been heard of before! Just thought that I would show you the progress I am making before it all gets hidden behind all the storage boxes with odd balls in.

I am having a break whilst I nip to the shops to see if the local hardware store has some better storage boxes or bags.

A Look Into My World

After seeing links to other peoples yarn stash I decided that today was time to have a good look at mine. I have so much that it does me good to have another look at what is in the bags and boxes to refresh my memory. I have a small room dedicated solely to my yarn stash. Admittedly it is a very small room but as you will see it is crammed to overflowing. Every time something new arrives I tend to just  put it down anywhere in the room which has led to my having zero floor space.

Today the stash from the floor is now on my bed so I have to finish off my tidying today or I will have nowhere to sleep tonight.

First follow me into the room as it was. Hopefully I will show you an improvement by tomorrow. Please bear with me as I don't have a video camera. This is just using my ordinary camera which doesn't have an edit facility. I hope that the video works on this blog.

This is the haul that arrived via the postman today

Yesterday I got my latest copy of Interweave crochet

A disappointing edition in my opinion.

This is the only thing in the magazine that I half like. I like the style but it is just a bit too open for me.

The striped top is passable but who one earth would want to wear the striped hooded shorts set? Certainly no-one that I know.

It's time to venture back into the stash room. I will take my mobile phone with me and tie a piece of string around my waist so that I don't get lost. Wish me luck !

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Almost Back To Normal

I haven't blogged for a few weeks as I have had several distractions. Well 3 of them as you can see.

I have been dog minding whilst my son and my neighbours have been on holiday. These were the faces that I saw everytime I picked up my crochet.

Buster was shedding like mad despite his daily brush so crocheting anything important for other people was out of the question.

Little Poppy and Buddy wanted my attention also. I had to be careful not to pat one dog more than another. Buster was a bit miffed as he usually is top dog when he comes to my house and gets all the attention. It is the first time that I have known him willingly go with my son and jump in the car without being asked a few times. I think going back to his boisterous sister dogs was the better of two options.

I did manage to finish Julie's beach dress in time for her to take it to Turkey with her.

This is a dress for Julie's sister in law. I did manage to finish it off in time for her holiday in Egypt but I forgot to take a photo of it when it was finished. I have a feeling though that the dress is too short and have offered to extend the length when she comes back from her holidays. I just wanted it finished in time for her to take it. I think that it needs a few more rows around the bottom so that she can wear it after her hols.

I have been stash busting whilst the dogs were here. I am used to dog hairy clothes so I made this jacket for myself. I had a come of the blue mingled with fuchsia purple but there was not enough yardage to make anything except a sleeveless top. I felt the wool was too thick for a top so I found a toning shade in my stash and made myself an everyday cardigan which will be bright, warm and colourful for the cold winter days.

I also had another thicker machine cone that didn't have enough yardage so I turned it into an over top to wear in the winter over my finer sweaters. I made myself a grey one in knitting a couple of years ago and have worn it to shreds as the sleeve length is so useful when I am doing housework or even crocheting. It is such a busy colour that you have to look bard to see the buttons up the front.

This is a jazzy beach bag that I made for Julie's holiday. It comes from a free pattern that I found on Ravelry. Basically it is one large granny square which is gathered with crochet for the sides and the grooves for the handles. I trimmed it up with flowers and beads as Julie likes a bit of Bling. It took me longer to sew the lining into it. I am not a very good seamstress and hand stitching isn't my best craft.

This is a headband that I made to match the grey sparkly beach dress. I like to add little accessories to match outfits.

These are just some headbands that I made for Julie to wear on her holidays whilst on the beach. The second one down in white actually has little pearl seed beads on it but they are difficult to see on the photo.

I went to Manchester Art Gallery on Saturday with Rachael from Art Yarn who was running a learn to knit textures and colours with the Close Knit group. The idea is to use influences from art to incorporate them into crafts such as knitting. There was opportunities for people to knit with different elements such a wire and string.

Now that the dogs have all gone home and the holiday rush crochet is finished I think that tomorrow it is time for a good tidy up and sort out all of the yarn that has arrived lately and just got dumped into the spare bedroom. I know that I am a yarn hoarder but I do like to have it sort of organised onto bookshelves or into see through plastic storage boxes. Every now and again I review it all just to remind myself what I actually have in stash and what I bought it for. I love finding yarn that I have forgotten about.

I haven't had time to complete the June Abakhan project. It will now be my July challenge. I may start that tonight. I have 3 more crochet orders but as the customers are away at the moment I don't have to start yet as pattern and colour has yet to be decided.

Enjoy your day. I do hope that your weather is far better than it is in Manchester.