Thursday, 5 July 2012

An Update on My Stash Tidying

Two posts in one day. That has never been heard of before! Just thought that I would show you the progress I am making before it all gets hidden behind all the storage boxes with odd balls in.

I am having a break whilst I nip to the shops to see if the local hardware store has some better storage boxes or bags.


Anonymous said...

Oh Jan, I loved hearing your voice!!!! And even more I loved seeing your STASH (or part of it). Can I come yarn shopping?

Mad about Craft said...

It is lovely to hear your voice, it helps to 'know' you a bit more.

You are really going to have to beat those elves in your basement to make them get through all that stash!

Barb said...

Girrrrlllll!!! You have the largest stash I've ever seen. I love it! Next time Grampa raises his eyebrows at my purchases, I'm going to show him this

Anonymous said...

This is SO funny. My daughter has turned the 3rd bedroom in her home into a craft/computer room. It has a good sized closet that is FILLED to overflowing w/ yarn.....rows behind rows behind rows and totes filled w/ more. Shelves/bookcase type storage is also being used. I have alot of yarn also. Some is in storage waiting for me to come rescue it.