Friday, 6 July 2012

The Stash Room Needs Finishing

I didn't finish the Stash room. I got waylaid by waiting for my storage boxes to be delivered. I went to the local hardware store and bought these.

Two large see through plastic boxes with lids, two fold away baskets and two large laundry bags. As my only method of transport is my mobility scooter even stacked inside each other I couldn't fit them on my mobility scooter. We tried with the aid of bungee straps but no luck. The shop owner kindly offered to deliver them for me so I had to wait until the shop closed so it was 6.30pm before they arrived. The tidying up mood had passed over by then so I will have to tackle this today,

Last night I was giggling to myself as I got into bed. I cleared the bed and put everything on the floor leaving just enough room for me to climb into bed. I was looking around for the cameras for Hoarders as I expected them to arrive at any moment. I dare not open my  bedroom curtains as the BT men are up the telephone pole outside and I would hate them to look inside my messy bedroom.

They have brought road drills today and are digging up the pavement. They woke me up but it is just as well as it was past 10am. These days I sleep by my body clock unless I am going somewhere or expecting visitors. The postman is on his way round so I have put off my shower until he arrives.

Thank you everyone for your kind comments on my Stash room. I am going to show you another part of the house that is laughingly called my dining room. I am only showing part of it on this video as the rest of it (where the other knitting machine is kept) was even messier as I had the ironing board up in the middle of it.

This is the room that houses 2 knitting machine, a treadle sewing machine in it's drop down cabinet (not shown)  and my loadsa, loadsa machine cones.

The files are the start of trying to organise my crochet patterns. These are already full and I have some more empty ones waiting for me. It's a long job sorting patterns into categories and I keep getting sidetracked by Oohing and Aahing over forgotten patterns. I would make so many of them but I need to find a market for them as there are only so many sweaters that I can wear in my lifetime. I need to have a sort out of my woollies. Make some new ones and cull a few that are too scruffy to wear now. I am sure that you have a few favourites covered in bobbles, a bit washed up and faded that, like me, you hang on to,

Time to see what the postman has delivered. I will show you what has arrived on another post. As far as I can remember I am only expecting a couple of vintage patterns today.

Today is another rainy day. I hope that your weather is better than Manchester.


Sharon GARDNER said...

I think they could post us together on a yarn hoarders show depicting an international yarn hoarding epidemic lol!

marg41 said...

Hi Jan, so good to 'hear' your voice. You have done a great job with the video. Wish I could come over and help you with your clearing of the stash room. It is a rather long way though from Central Queensland Australia!
Keep up the good work Jan, you will get there.

Haylees Hats said...

lol, you are so like my mum, she loves yarn wool just as much as you. I would love to come and organise all your wool. Although a lot of people will find this odd I love tiding up, it wasnt until I found crochet that I learnt how to sit still for longer than 30minutes. LOL x

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