Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Crocheting For My Holidays

Sorry that I have been missing for so long. I have Buster full time now which limits my crocheting time. Last week I also looked after my next door neighbours dogs as they went on their holidays.

I can't remember if I told you on my last blog that I am unexpectedly going away for a week to Skiathos. because of this I have been crocheting a few things for my holidays and also trying out some ideas that I can personalise to put for sale on my Facebook page Urban Gypsy Crochet. I haven't listed anything on Etsy for a while as I didn't get many sales. I may try again with my Autumn and Winter designs.

The video is taking ages to upload today. I do hope that Blogger manages it ..( I could not upload it in the end so I will have to try another day). The reason that I haven't blocked the shawl for the Mother of the groom yet is that I decided after blocking dozens of shawls to treat myself to some blocking wires which are somewhere in the post. I look everyday for them to arrive. The more that I want something to arrive the longer it seems to take.

This is the Trippy Tunic pattern by the Double Stitch Twins. The pattern is free on the Red Heart site. I had seen this many times but always crocheted in the very bright colours as per the pattern and though that it was not for me. I decided to crochet this in black and on a smaller hook so that it isn't quite so baggy and loose on me. I like the fact that it can be worn over a dress with the belt or loose as in this next photo.

The loose version is great over a vest top and shorts or even on the beach as a cover up.

This is another Double Stitch twins design. Again a free pattern on the Red Heart site. It is called the Two Tone shrug as on the pattern they make it with one colour for the front and another for the back. This size came out too large for me ( I made the XL) so I had to add a drawstring around the bottom edge.

This one is the smaller size which fits me better according to my taste. Although I am a larger lady I don't like things too loose. I just made these in the cheaper acrylic yarn as I like to try out patterns that I am not sure about in something not too expensive in case I don't like them. I do like this pattern and feel sure that I will be making more of these, or similar, for the Autumn to be worn over a sweater. I have already started one in finer yarn for a friend's Birthday.

This is my version of the Knot Ugly Shrug from Stitch n' Bitch The Happy Hooker book. I altered the pattern to make it longer as I wanted it to fasten at the waistline and not just under the bust. Although this pattern is easy I wouldn't make it in one piece next time as it is difficult to judge the length of the sleeves. I would make it conventionally with stitched in sleeves.

This is the sweater that looks much better on me than it does on the slimmer model. I am still not sure if I like it as it is a mix of patterns. The top part comes from a Doris Chan pattern that was free on Caron. I didn't want the very openwork chain bodywork as on the pattern so I made mine more of a solid pattern but somehow it doesn't sit right and tends to twist around. Thankfully I only used a cheaper acrylic yarn for it so it will get worn as a house sweater.

This is a stole made as a present for the bride. I haven't made it for her to wear on the day it's just a general one for her to use as either a stole or a scarf when the weather goes a bit cooler in Skiathos. The pattern is the Sweet Lorraine by Doris Chan and the pattern gives instructions for a skinny scarf, a scarf, a stole and a throw. She gives information on how many extra stitches to add per pattern repeat.

It is a winter white shade rather than a bright white as the yarn is a mix of cashmere, silk and lambswool that I bought from Hong Kong via EBay. It is beautifully soft and I am going to  order some more in a different colour to make something similar for my Sister in Law for Christmas. The yarn is so soft and light and yet so warm.

Because it is so light it scrunches up easily into a scarf for a chilly winter day.

The video is taking ages to upload. I have an awful feeling that it is not going to be on this blog at all. I will leave it for a while. It appears to be stuck tight at the end. I have tried 3 times to upload it onto here but my PC is running rather slowly today.

I am getting quite excited now that my holiday is getting nearer. I don't want to say exactly when I am going for security reasons as you never know who is reading this blog and so knows when my house will be empty. I have nothing of value but it's just the thought that someone might steal my yarn stash. Now that would be a nightmare.  Eep!

I will try to blog a little more often now that life is settling down into some sort of a routine. I am sorry if there isn't a video attached to this blog. What I have written would make a lot more sense if you could also see the video.

Have a great crafting day - Jan x