Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Mystery Packets from Kemps

Today I am showing you the contents of my mystery packages from Kemps online wool stpre..They had bargain 'buy unseen' packs of wool where you have no idea what is in the packs until they arrive. The whole lot that I show cost me £33.75 including the postage. They are still on offer if you are interested but you would probably get a different lot of colours than I got.

First I will show you the green cardigan for myself that I was crocheting in my last video. A bit small for me but I am sure that it will drop when it is washed as it is quite heavy. .

I added gold metallic buttons as I didn't have anything in my button stash this shade of green.

What I was trying to show to you before I got cut off ( I must learn to time myself better) was a tiny packet of gold beads that cost me £1.75 from China. The postman woke me up yesterday at 7am for me to sign for them! They are not real gold honestly so why send them recorded delivery?

The Vintage craft fair that I mentioned on the video is Vintage fair at Rose & Lee . I am looking forward to seeing her showroom for the first time. I have been to fairs before that Fiona organised but they were in Prestwich Longfield suite.

I have now given up looking for the lost crochet patterns otherwise I will not have any time to make anything before Saturday!

I hope that you are having more a  productive day than I am. Thanks to everyone for your  lovely supportive comments. I was expecting a pattern to be delivered by the postman but so far there is no sign of him unless I have missed him going past.


Haylees Hats said...

The wool looks lovely. I was looking through all my pattern books this morning for a cardi. I have ended up doing the baby its cold outside one that I saw on your blog. Its looking great so far. It works up very fast. I have the little tea cosy pattern too with the roses its so cute. I will be masking it when I find the time. Your postie arrives early mine dont show up tlll after 1 lol

Anonymous said...

I can't tell you how much I love hearing your voice and watching your videos. It makes me feel like we are having a personal chat. You got quite the bag of goodies then, Jan. Wow! Can't wait to see what all you make of it.