Thursday, 5 July 2012

A Look Into My World

After seeing links to other peoples yarn stash I decided that today was time to have a good look at mine. I have so much that it does me good to have another look at what is in the bags and boxes to refresh my memory. I have a small room dedicated solely to my yarn stash. Admittedly it is a very small room but as you will see it is crammed to overflowing. Every time something new arrives I tend to just  put it down anywhere in the room which has led to my having zero floor space.

Today the stash from the floor is now on my bed so I have to finish off my tidying today or I will have nowhere to sleep tonight.

First follow me into the room as it was. Hopefully I will show you an improvement by tomorrow. Please bear with me as I don't have a video camera. This is just using my ordinary camera which doesn't have an edit facility. I hope that the video works on this blog.

This is the haul that arrived via the postman today

Yesterday I got my latest copy of Interweave crochet

A disappointing edition in my opinion.

This is the only thing in the magazine that I half like. I like the style but it is just a bit too open for me.

The striped top is passable but who one earth would want to wear the striped hooded shorts set? Certainly no-one that I know.

It's time to venture back into the stash room. I will take my mobile phone with me and tie a piece of string around my waist so that I don't get lost. Wish me luck !


Charlotte said...

I need to clean up my craft room but too tired! good luck with yours.

Sharon GARDNER said...

I must say, you do have a lot of yarn. It is great that you have it sorted so it is easier to find. Mine is a hodgepodge of random skeins. Often I find a lone skein on clearance or other sale and I buy it so the organization isn't quite working for me. I'm looking forward to seeing how you organize yours. I'm looking for ideas on how to do mine. Husband has promised to build shelves but that isn't in the immediate future (too many other projects in the works).

Red said...

You have such a nice stash! It's always interesting to me to see other's stash of yarn. Good luck organizing yours!

KnitNurd said...

Oh my, Jan! That was fun having a peek inside your stash room.