Sunday, 22 July 2012

Short n' Sweet

No I am not referring to myself with the title but the garment that I have started with the lovely to work with James C Brett Cotton On. I am supposed to be participating in the Abakhan monthly challenge but have been a bit busy so I didn't manage to do one for June. I have changed my June challenge into a July one.

As I mentioned before the yarn is a 50/50 mix of cotton and acrylic and is so soft to work with unlike some yarns that split as I am crocheting. As it is a mix it has 158 yds to every 50 gram ball which at £1.85 ball makes it a good quality but also good value yarn. It comes in lots of colours. I have trouble deciding which one to choose as there were so many. Click on the link and see which one you would choose.

Anyway enough of my gabble this is what I am making

 Short n Sweet by Angela Best

The pattern comes from this book. If you haven't got this book in your library then all I can say is Why Not?  It isn't just a tuition book it comes with lots of very wearable patterns. If you don't believe me than just look on Ravelry and see how many projects have been made by members from this book.

At the moment mine looks like this. As you can see mine is more Long n' Sweet as being of a more rotund figure I prefer my clothes to be that bit longer in the hope of disguising my overly curvaceous body. OK rotund is the real word I should be using but I prefer curvaceous!

The colour is showing off the pattern beautifully. Once it is finished and has sleeves added it should look like this.

Well better than this actually. This was made about 3 yrs ago in acrylic and has been washed and worn very frequently which is why I decided to make another one.

This is a pattern that I bought from EBay.I think that they are so sweet. I am going to make some once I get some lavender or other small potpourri to fill the centre fabric hearts in the middle of the crochet.

I have almost finished this cushion cover. It looks a bit out of shape at the moment as it is not displayed with the cushion inside it as it still needs some presstuds sewing on to close the top and yet still make it easy to remove for washing. It is a much smaller size than the granny square cushion. I call this a boudoir cushion. The cream yarn that I used is from the same bundle of yarn that I used to make the granny square cushion. Six colours were bought in the Sale at Abakhan. I shared the bags of 5 x 100 gram balls of each colour with my friend Sue (The Enabler) . I still have lots left to make other things with.

I think that I mentioned before that I have been revamping my wardrobe with the aid of EBay. I hate shopping and as I can't walk far I hate it even more now so online shopping is the way forward for me. Since I bought this and the other clothes I have found out that I may be going to the Greek Islands for a week in September. It's only a maybe at the moment as it is for a wedding blessing of two old friends who are in Skiathos ( think Mamma Mia). He wants his Mum to be there and his Dad doesn't want to travel so I may be accompanying his Mum who I have known for 40 yrs to his blessing. Nothing is settled but at least I have some new clothes (and shoes) ready if I go. All I need now is a nice lightweight suitcase with wheels but I am sure that someone in my family has one that I can borrow.

I took these two photos last night as I was getting ready to go to my elder step granddaughter's engagement party. When I looked at them this morning I realised that I took them before I put my party top on. I wore an elbow length red top but as the neckline is very low I had put this red vest top underneath it to cover my modesty and my bra. I had a great night out. It was lovely to see my family all in one place and my lovely great granddaughters who were dancing about in their party dresses. I think that I am getting old though as they had a live rock band which were very good but extremely loud. Conversation was impossible when they were playing. When I got home last night my ears were ringing and a bit sore. Thankfully they have now recovered.

Sorry about the week's delay in posting but I haven't really been doing a lot of crochet this week as I am still in the sorting out mode. Unfortunately it takes me such a long time to do things these days that what should be a day's worth of work now takes me a week thanks to this stupid back pain. I have to do a little bit and then sit down for a while. It's very frustrating when I think of how I used to be a mere 10 yrs ago. Then I worked a full time and a part time job and still managed to keep the house clean and tidy. Maybe that's the reason I am like I am now. I wore myself out when I was younger as I have always been such a hard worker. That is why I find it hard to accept my limitations these days. At least I can still crochet and get around and about so I should just stop whinging and get on with things!

Thanks to everyone for your lovely comments. I do appreciate them so much.


Barb said...

Oh, I adore the turquoise top! It looks nice even without the sleeves.

I hear you on the inability to do things we could 10 years ago. The brain thinks we still can do, but the body says, "Oh no, you can't."

Haylees Hats said...

Everything looks so lovely. I love the long and sweet. I have that book too and its great. Some really lovely ideas in it. Love the pillow cover too, it looks lovely and soft. It will be lovely if you get to go to Greece, at least you will get a bit of sunshine! LOL Love your necklace and dress. Red suits you :) The lavender hearts will be lovely x