Tuesday, 5 January 2010

More Snow Today

I woke up this morning to the utter peace that only snow can bring. It was winter wonderland when I opened my curtains. I had optimistically put my dustbin out yesterday before all of the snow but I seriously doubt that it will be emptied anytime soon.

No-one seems to have even attempted to get to work which is probably very wise of them. Two of my neighbours called to see if I needed any shopping which if lovely of them. They don't want me to go out and slip in this snow over ice.My next door neighbour said she fell full length on the way up to the shops this morning and so said that I had to stay put. I don't need much persuading to do that.

The All Shawl is finished and is blocking out. I had to change the edging as I was running out of wool and with all of the snow I was not going out to buy another ball and as I didn't want to undo all of the edging to take a row back on the plainer bit I just adjusted the last row.As the lady that it is destined for has never seen the right version then she will be none the wiser that it is wrong.

I started knitting an aran cable and moss stitch jacket for the boys from Debbie Bliss The Baby Knits book. I thought that it looked a bit large for an 18 - 24 month size so I looked at the actual measurements and it said chest 80cms, Now I know that this is an outdoor wear jacket but surely 31 1/2" is one super obese 2yrs old! Needless to say I have unravelled it and will wait until I can buy some double knitting which I think will bring the garment back down to a baby size. I will use the aran for something else.

I spent most of the evening pattern browsing but have yet to settle on something else as yet. I think that I am in a restless kind of mood so I may make another All Shawl out of stash bits and pieces whilst I decide.


June said...

Another beautiful shawl, just right for this weather. At least the snow looks pretty and gives you a good reason to stay indoors in the warm. Looking forward to what you make next.

Anonymous said...

My goodness, Jan, you would think you were here in Utah this morning!

Love the shawl. I'm going to have to try one of those. I did the same thing as you last night. Started a little sweater and after the first couple of rows looked at it and thought "This is not a newborn sweater." I swear it would have fit a 4-year-old! It was the right weight yarn, etc., but HUGE! So I undid it all and started it again in a lightweight cotton. It's coming out much better.

Stay warm and DON'T GO OUT!!!!!