Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Only One Crochet Hat Today

My hat production has slowed down. I am finding that my stash has a lot of colours in it that are just not suitable for men's hats. I know that there are probably homeless ladies also but I presume that the majority of people would want a quieter coloured hat anyway.

I am in the middle of knitting a hat but as the wool is textured then it has slowed me up considerably. I am not very good at knitting anything with lumps and bumps. I think that it is the way that i hold the yarn as I tend to push all the ripples and lumps along instead of knitting them as they come on the ball,As for crocheting anything with texture then forget it. It ain't going to happen in this house.

My knees hurt last night after my trip out to the hospital and so I decided to try an early night. Eventually i got to sleep as initially I could not get my knees into that comfy position that allowed me to nod off and this morning I couldn't move. Half asleep I wondered why and then I realised that I had wrapped myself up in the duvet overnight and was like the jam in a Swiss roll. It took me ages to extricate myself. No wonder I didn't hear the alarm the duvet was wrapped around my ears! One of the pillows was on the floor at the bottom of the bed so how that got there I have no idea. I wonder what I was dreaming about?

My knitting group has been offered some wool. A guy contacted the group and said that his late wife has a bit of a hoarder and had quite a stash of wool. As she had passed away with cancer he wanted us to have the stash because of our fund raising for Christies. I hope that some of this wool finds it's way to me as I could really make use of some of it to continue making hats and scarves for the homeless and there is always a charity raffle that asks me if I will make some raffle prizes. It's at times like these that I really wish that I still had my car.He lives quite a distance from me so I am hoping that some of the other knitting members will be able to pick some of the wool up for me.

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lalltop said...

Too bad your son or daughter-in-law couldn't take you or pick it up for you...