Sunday, 10 January 2010

Purple Crochet Socks

I gave in and started to crochet a pair of socks from one of my new patterns. It is a labour of love as the wool is 3ply,the hook is 3mm,and the stitch is US single crochet. I have not made a pair of toe up socks before in crochet so this is a first for me. I presume that I am to crochet the heel bit when I have finished the leg. I will have to do a bit of adjustment when I crochet around for the heel as I have had to use a larger hook for the leg bit due to my fat ankles. I crocheted about an inch and then tried them on and realised that they were not going to slide over my ankles so undid it again and used a larger hook. That is the beauty of crochet. You can try on as you go. I have averted many a disaster in the past because I try on as I go and so can amend when armholes are too loose or too tight etc before finishing off and adding sleeves.

The little pink squared pixie boot was a free pattern that I had tried from the Drops Garnstudio site. It was very easy to make as it is just a strip of squares with 2 squares added on. Making it up was a different matter, It was like a course in origami. Stitch this bit to that bit etc. I had used scrap wool merely to see the method and whether they would fit me before I used any decent wool. I doubt if I will make a second boot as they are too floppy in this weight of wool. There is another pattern on the site which uses chunky wool and garter stitch and if I make any more then I will use that pattern instead.I think that the chunky boots will be firmer as this boot is too floppy to stay on my foot. Now I know the construction of the boot and the size of the squares I will, no doubt, be trying my own version of the boot in crochet as I think that it would be much firmer crocheted rather than knitted.

Time for a cup of coffee and get back to my labour of love socks. The upside of using such fine wool and hook is that they feel much softer than my previous crocheted socks so I think that this pair will actually be wearable inside my shoes rather than just to be used as house socks.If they turn out OK then I can use some of my better quality wools for socks instead of having to knit the wool up.


Zu said...

Nice socks! :-)
I havent crocheted any socks in a while, but I have made slippers.

Drops has some really nice patterns huh? :-)

Donesia said...

What is the name of the book that you are using when you made the Berries socks?

enthusiastic crochetoholic said...

The book is called You Can Crochet Socks by Kim Kotary. It is from the American School of Needlework 1457. It is a US pattern but I bought mine from Purplelinda in the UK.