Sunday, 17 January 2010

Foliage Cap and Neckwarmer

Despite the many interruptions from Buster I did manage to finish off this knitted cap and neck warmer.The pattern for the cap is a free pattern called Foliage and can be found on The crochet neck warmer is a length of alternating UK dc and UK trebles to make a short scarf. Each row I put a dc in the treble and a treble in the dc of the previous row. It makes a close interesting stitch, 2 rows from the end I put a couple of buttonholes to fasten the short scarf into a neck warmer. I had seen similar ones on Ravelry and decided to just use up the remainder of the wool to make one to match the cap. The wool that I used is approx 130 grams of Patons Shadow Tweed Shade 06214 that I had left over from another project.

Buster is still with me but my son is calling to pick him up after dinner. They are back from their weekend away but have taken my great granddaughters to the cinema as a treat. It is Emily's birthday tomorrow and she will be 3yrs old. I will get to see the girls briefly as they are calling for Buster on the way home from the cinema before they all go home. Buster is getting very fed up with me as he cannot understand why I am not able to walk him.

I had a bad night and got hardly any sleep because of the pain in my knees so I was definitely not in the mood to walk him today. I miss not having him on a full time basis but I hate the guilt that I feel when I am unable to walk him. We play ball but it is not the same as a good walk. No doubt the other dogs will chase him around once he gets back home again.

I have reached another bag of blue oddments down from my stash as Nexus Cafe in Manchester is asking for some hats,scarves or gloves for the homeless and are having a knit out day next Sunday. I thought that it would be a good way of using up some of my oddments. There could be a lot of striped hats but if they keep people warm I am sure that they won't mind. I will be crocheting most of the hats that I make for quickness. Most of my stash isn't wool but I am sure that they will still be warm enough, Any hat is better than no hat in this cold weather.


June said...

Love the hat and neckwarmer, the shaded yarn suits it so well. Buster must be happy to see you, as he used to live with you.

Enid said...

both sets look great as finished and on you. do you have more details of the nexus knit out?

Zu said...

I just tried Patons shadow tweed last week and love it!! Beautiful shades and works up nice and quick.

Love the pics darlin.;-)