Thursday, 28 January 2010

Angel Top, Knickers and Floppy Hat

I have finished the baby set that I have made for a friend's grand daughter. As you can see the crocheted dinner plate has transformed as if by magic ( actually with the aid of a bit of elastic, ribbon and a rosebud) into a mob cap or a floppy hat as the pattern describes it. The pattern is from JustCrochet by Heather JC36B and I think that I put the link to the web site a couple of blogs ago. The outfit has taken 200 grams in the lilac and 100 grams in the white. I think if I made it again though I would make the little knickers and the hat in white with the lilac edging. Maybe it is because the lilac is perhaps a bit brighter than I would usually have chosen but it does seem to dominate the outfit slightly.

My doll that I kept from my childhood came in useful today and made an admirable model. She does have rather a big head for her supposed baby size but luckily the elastic on the hat stretched to fit.

Not sure what I will start next. I think maybe a scarf and another hat in navy with some wool that my King's Arms Knitter fried Marie gave me at the Big Issue Knit Out. I mentioned that I would have to stop until I got some fresh 'man' colour supplies and she found this 4ply wool that she had for some time. I am going to double it up as 4ply knitting is not my thing unless it is for babies or socks. It's at times like these when my knitting machine would come in handy to make scarves in finer wool but alas I still haven't got around to cleaning all of it's needles yet. I tried a sample piece and it bunched up and dropped stitches as the needle latches were sticking closed. I need to take each needle out and emery paper it and have just not been in the mood for such a mammoth task.

I had such hopes for the day when I first got up as the sun was shining. That quickly stopped and we are once again back to a dull and dreary day. I am seriously considering buying one of those S.A.D lamps once I have recovered from the Christmas and this month's Birthday present spending.


KnitNurd said...

Jan, I love the color combo you chose for the baby outfit! Very cute!!!
I know what you mean about the gray dismal days. Thankfully, we finally saw the sun peek through yesterday! It will be short-lived though as the clouds will be back today in late afternoon with more rain. Sure hope Spring is around the corner!!!

June said...

Gorgeous baby outfit Jan. I love the colours you chose too. The sun is shining here today, although it is very cold. Know what you mean about the dark days, perhaps a sun lamp is the answer.

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Beansieleigh said...

Oh Jan.. This is SO-ooo cute, I'm ALMOST wishing I could have another baby!.. Love ya, but I'm headin' out! (0; See you next post! ~tina