Tuesday, 19 January 2010

More Crochet Hats for the Homeless

I had a hospital visit today which involved, as usual, lots of waiting about so I am now up to 6 crochet hats for the homeless. The colours are too bright as it was dark when I got home and the flash on the camera has altered the colours.

I had to see the spinal specialist. The delay was when he wanted a final X Ray to make sure that the plate and pins are still in place. Due to the snow and ice the fracture clinic, which is held in the same department, was bulging at the seams and the queue for X Ray was so large people had to stand as there wasn't enough chairs. I got chatting to a lady and she said that she had waited 4 hours last week. I didn't wait that long but by the time I had a sandwich and a drink after my appointment I didn't come out of the hospital until after 2.30pm even though I had a morning appointment. I managed to crochet a hat whilst I waited and as usual started up plenty of crochet conversations in the waiting room.

One lady was working on the poem Footsteps in cross stitch. She was just putting the finishing touches to it. She showed it to us and it was a real labour of love as it was bigger than a tea towel in size. She admitted that it had taken her 8 years from start to finish but she had done the majority of it whilst recovering from a new knee operation. She said that like me she had a couple of repair ops that didn't work but said her new knee was wonderful.

The spinal specialist does not need to see me any more but expressed concern about the fact that my knees had not been sorted out yet more than a year after my fall. He agreed that my weight is a drawback to a good success rate but could not understand why I had not been offered any weight help. I said that I had been offered Lipotrim but it made me ill and I had to discontinue using it. He said that I should have been offered an alternative and not just dropped from the weight loss programme. Sometimes I think that the specialists have no idea what goes on in the rest of the hospital.

Enid - I can't add you on Facebook as your comments come up on here without any e mail address and your blogger profile does not have one.I am on Ravelry as theurbangypsy so you could send me a message on there. I don't put my e mail address on here as I get enough spam as it is. I must delete 30 or more adverts for Viagra, pen*s enlargements, dating sites and mail order brides every day, At least the Nigerians have stopped asking me for my bank account details to process their legacy from a will now. The other day I got one allegedly from the Inland Revenue so I didn't open it. I rang the Inland Revenue and of course they hadn't e mailed me.They asked me to forward the e mail to their spam department to find out who had sent it, I knew that they hadn't as they don't have my e mail address and anyway the Revenue would not have sent me 6 identical messages 5 minutes apart! . I didn't open them - no doubt it was something asking me for bank account details saying I had a payment due to me. They must think that we are born yesterday.

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Zu said...

More hospital visits for you?! I hope they can sort out your knee. Definitely should have been dealt with ages ago!

I've been meaning to start a Footprints project in cross stitch as well. Been procrastinating on it for years! hehe