Friday, 15 January 2010

Melody Griffith's Beautiful Crochet for Heads, Hands and feet

This blog is heavy on photos so I think that I will just let the photos speak for themselves. They are from the book that I got yesterday. Beautiful Crochet for Heads, Hands and feet by the late Melody Griffiths.

As usual there are patterns that I like, a couple that I will make and some that I think are awful. I could never see anyone wearing the rose beret and the socks look nice at the front but the mismatched stripe pattern is awful. OK under the foot but as the stripes also continue up the legs would that mis match continue up the legs? There is also a rather nice corset type belt but I didn't photograph it as it is only crocheted at the front and has a back of 5" elastic and is boned at the sides. Not something that is easy to get hold of. I would rather buy a more solidly boned belt than try to make this one.

The zig zag bag looks pretty but unless it is lined ( I haven't read the pattern) it would be very droopy the minute that you put anything in it.

My unravelled shawl is now a hat and half of a scarf. The hat pattern is a free Drops pattern and I have included a link to it in the blog title. I am making my scarf in garter stitch as not as wide as the pattern as I only have a limited amount of wool and want to put a fringe on it if possible.

My Interweave crochet Winter 2009 has just arrived so it's time for a coffee and a browse. I will let you know what is in the magazine tomorrow.


boltoncrafter said...

I bought this book from an outlet at a bargain price before Christmas. The Flower Fingerless Gloves look good in one colour - but I am a big fan of fingerless gloves & mitts.
The Melody Griffiths' book 'Crochet In No Time' has some wonderful patterns. The cardigan on the front cover & the Pink Flower Top look fantastic - when I get the time to make them!

Cat said...

Some of those are really great - and a lot of them are dreadful! I think the bobble hat is really cute, and love the gloves! Might have to buy it just for the gloves. The whole post didn't load as there are so many photos so will have to come back and check it out. Hope you are feeling much better!