Thursday, 14 January 2010

Barely A Dent In My Stash

How can I make a shawl as big as this and barely make a dent in my stash? I swear that the bag of purples looks almost as big as it did when I started. Sorry about the photo quality but it is a dull day and I seem to have the shaky hand syndrome. The back view is even worse as I had to give up and use my web cam for that which means the colours are totally off.

After I had finished off the shawl last night I decided to unravel another shawl that I had never been happy with. I didn't have enough wool and as it was a triangle shape it barely sat on my shoulders so I have decided to make a hat and possibly a scarf with the wool as I like the colours. Sorry about the fuzzy photo. I must learn to do close up shots one day. I was watching Slumdog Millionaire on TV. What a great film. No wonder that it has won all of those awards.I have seen Danny Boyle in the flesh. I going into my bank and he was coming out. It was one of those moments when you think I know him but where from. Then I read in the paper that evening that he was visiting his Dad in his home town which is just a couple of miles up the road from me. I loved his old Dad's comment that he wishes that he would make a cowboy movie as they are his favourites!

The book is what I am reading at the moment. Being snowbound I tend to watch quite a few programmes that I normally would miss. I got hooked on watching Ruby on Style network. Watching her battles with her weight. It isn't the normal diet programme as she has a wicked sense of humour and although thankfully I have never been as large as Ruby I can identify with what she says and does. She says she is addicted to food and to a certain extent so am I. i don't eat vast quantities of food but just crave the wrong choices. I go against all the rules as one thing every diet says is chew your food and eat slowly. believe me if I ate any slower I would be stationary. My food is always cold before I finish it and when I go out to dine with other people then I usually leave my plate as I am embarrassed to keep on eating long after everyone else has finished. So bang goes that theory that if you chew your food and eat slower then you won't eat as much. My son used to say Mum how can you chew soup and porridge?

Ruby says that almost anything can set her off. A smell, a TV commercial and when the craving comes over her then it is like a tidal wave.I am the same. I can be good all day and eat healthily and then I sit down in the evening and the TV food commercials start or the food cookery programmes start. You can't get away from them. Every 15 minutes or so there is a plate of food or a snack being shown in technicolour in front of my eyes. I have tried looking away but then I can hear them saying this succulent piece of chicken, beautifully seasoned and covered in a rich creamy sauce. perhaps that is why our grandparents and parents stayed so slim. They ate bigger meals than I do but didn't have all the constant bombardment on TV to snack as we do. Never mind banning cigarette adverts they should ban food adverts as they are mostly advertising junk food anyway.

I am not stupid I know what I should be eating but I would rather eat a bag of crisps for my lunch than something big and healthy any day. I am sorry but I am programmed to eat crisps.I can do without chocolate, cakes and biscuits they don't bother me. I have made a big pan of chilli and will eat some of that with either rice or a baked potato for dinner tonight but by 10pm I will be pacing about wanting something else. If I don't have the TV on then I don't do it but as I live alone my constant companion is the TV. My eating habits are another reason why I wish that I could walk about more. The more active I am then the less food orientated I am.If I am out for the day then I rarely think about food or eat it. I think snacking is a bad habit that I have developed more and more since I am mostly stuck in the house these days.

The postman had just delivered me another book on Crochet for heads hands and toes but more about that tomorrow.

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