Friday, 1 January 2010

Happy New Year

Happy New Year to everyone. I hope that in 2010 all of your dreams and wishes come true. I wish you health and happiness. May your stash always be replenished and may all of your projects turn out right.

Thank you to all of my online crochet and knit friends whose cheerful comments have kept me going on the days when I am not feeling tickety boo. I am not going to mention you by names but you know who you are. I am very appreciative of all of the support that you give to me.

Last night I was crocheting bits and pieces to send to my niece. Things that can be made from a simple rectangles or squares without any shapings.I made one item up and stitched it together and then made another one showing how it looked, before stitching, when it was being crocheted. I am going to send her a message with each one showing her where to start, where to end and where to stitch up. I think that with yesterday's simple wristwarmers and today's little purses and hats then it will give her some idea of what she can make with just simple crochet shapes. Today I hope to make a pair of very simple slippers. I can't post her parcel until the 2nd January so I have another day to work something out for her. I think that it is important to spur new crocheters into actually making something rather than practising for ages on a sample piece. It's so easy to make covers for phones, cameras and sunglasses and it gives them such a feeling of achievement.

Did you notice the little duck buttons on the little purses? I know that her friend's little girl who had the duck hat will be pleased to have these once Kath has seen how to make them.

I have become quite a fan of the lightweight acrylic crochet hooks. I looked on Purplelinda site and she is offering a set of these for £9.99p as a special Christmas price. I have ordered myself a set as I do like working with these lightweight hooks when the wool permits. They do create a bit of static when I am crocheting with some acrylics. I use different types of hooks for different kinds of wool or acrylics. I have also ordered a couple of crochet sock and slipper books but of course they won't arrive until after the New Year as there is no post. Purplelinda can't send them out even if she is working today. With the state of the post lately they will probably arrive sometime next week. I got a Christmas card yesterday that was posted on the 9th Dec. Admittedly it came from Canada but it is still a long time in the post.

I have finished the back and started a sleeve on Charlie's knitted sweater but didn't do any yesterday as I was busy crocheting Knick Knacks to send to my niece.

Today the sun is trying to shine but it is still a bit of the cold side. Nothing like the snow thar Bev has been experiencing. If you look on Beverooni's blog (link on the RHS of my blog) then you will see all of the inches of snow that have fallen. I don't wonder that you need a Snuggle over there Bev. I think I would have to learn to crochet under the duvet if I lived there!


boltoncrafter said...

Happy New Year. Please keep up with your wonderful blog in 2010. You always brighten my day.

Anonymous said...

Your niece will really appreciate the samples. That's very thoughtful of you, Jan.

We are still getting snow here today. Too much for my liking I can tell you. YUCK!

Happy New Year!

Mattenylou said...

Hi Jan! I look forward to another year of watching you make so many beautiful things, and be so quick about it! Happy New Year, wishing you good health and lots of joy and happiness.