Saturday, 9 January 2010

Pixie Boots and Crochet Hooks

I will feel like a pixie or a leprechaun skipping off to bed wearing these. The pattern is a very ancient one of my mother's and as the company has been out of existence for at least 30 yrs (the pattern is even older) then I am sure I can't get into trouble for sharing it with you. Just to be on the safe side I won't name the company!

The only thing I will point out is that you have to be very careful with the seaming as it is up the middle of the sole and up the back ankle so I take care to make the seam as flat as possible.

This pair took 100 grams of chunky but it may take a bit more if you use pure wool.
1 pair size 5mm needles (although you may need to use 5.50mm as I am a bit of a loose knitter with tiny feet)

Cast on 69 sts and working in stocking stitch increase at each end of 3rd and every alternate row to 77sts ending with a purl row.
Next row K35, slip a stitch, K 2 tog, and then pass the slip st over them, K1, K 3 tog, knit to end,
Next and every alternate row - Purl
Next row K 33, slip 1, K 2 tog then pass slip stitch over them, K1, K 3 tog, knit to end.
Continue in this manner decreasing 4 sts on alternate rows as set until 41 sis remain ending with a purl row.

Eyelet row *K2, wf, K 2 tog* repeat all across to last st K1.

Work 5 rows in K1 P1 rib and cast off in rib.

Stitch back and sole seam together carefully as flat as you can and thread ribbon, chain or twisted cord through holes.

You can make them for a child by using finer wool and finer needles.

Today I got my order from Purplelinda. Big Yeah for the postman who trudged through 6" of snow to deliver it to me. Not an easy task when, like me, he has bad knees and limps even on a good day. I ordered it last week but due to adverse weather conditions I did expect it to be delayed and Linda sent me an e mail to explain this to me. It's so nice when people take the time to keep people up to date with their orders.

We have all ordered from firms who don't give a damn so it's nice when some firms do care about the customer. I have always found Purplelinda and Kay's crochet to be very prompt and efficient.

As I am in my sock and slipper mood and also in my stash reducing mood I was pleased to get these two patterns for crochet socks and slippers. You can crochet Socks 1457 is by Kim Kotary and s published by the American School of Needlework. The Slippers by the Dozen 879531 is published by Annie's Attic and has some lovely funky slippers in it that are sure to be made up very soon. If you are in the UK you can, of course, buy them from Purplelinda and I have included her web page in my blog title.

I ordered a set of acrylic crochet hooks as I quite like working with them. They are lightweight and easy to use. They do have slight drawback with some acrylic yarns as I do get a squeaking effect when I am crocheting. I bought them for a special sale price of £9.99 for the set which I think is excellent value.

I have started another knitted pair of house slippers and will finish these off before I start on any of the socks or slippers but I must admit that my fingers are itching for a bit of crochet. Watch this space and see if I get tempted before I finish off my knitting!

My niece has just kindly been shopping for me so I am supplied with bread, milk, eggs and mince so I will be OK for food for another few days.I still have my corned beef hash for today and so will make a chilli with the mince as I have a bag of rice. Roll on the thaw. I am going slightly stir crazy as I haven't been out for almost 2 weeks. My niece says that it is extremely slippy underfoot and I am to stay put until the thaw. Thank goodness my mother trained me well to always have a well stocked larder for such emergencies. I will have to do a lot of restocking once the thaw comes.


June said...

Isn't it exciting when a parcel gets delivered to your door. Love the pixie slippers, so cute! Glad you are keeping safe and warm indoors Jan.

KnitNurd said...

Your niece is a wise girl and you'd do well to listen to her! I also think the pixie slippers look adorable on you..oh, and I have to say, I love the carpet underneath them as well!
Take care, Jan and just have fun with your new treats!!