Saturday, 2 January 2010

It's Snowing Again

I opened the curtains this morning to see snow flurries coming down. Although we do not have the amount of snow that Bev does in the US it is still enough to grind my hilly street to a halt.Foot traffic only this morning.I live on the flat top part of the street but it slopes steeply down on the left of the photos.

I didn't get around to crocheting any beginner slippers but I still have time as there is no way I am walking up to the Post Office to post my niece's parcel until the snow goes away. I have plenty of food in the fridge and freezer as well as emergency tins in the cupboard so this lady is going nowhere today,

I concentrated on knitting a bit more on the boy's sweaters and I have finished knitting Charlie's and knitted the front of Finlay's but as you can see I have left my least favourite job of sewing up until the end. I think that is why I am such a lover of seam free crochet. I don't mind the making but the stitching up gets me every time.In the past I have been known to throw finished items in the work basket where they can stay for weeks until I brace myself to stitch them together.

Today will be a washing day. My mother always had this superstition that you should never do chores (except essentials) on New Year's Day as it meant that you will be doing them every day for the rest of your life so I haven't done any washing over the Christmas period so today is the day. I saw somewhere a saying that you should finish off any projects by New Years Eve or that means you will have unfinished projects for the rest of the year but as any knitter or crocheter knows that is a foregone conclusion anyway. A crafter who actually finishes off ALL of her projects - Get Real !


Belisa said...

Hello, first, I like a lot your blog and your projects, usually I'm following you. I am a crochetoholic too, hehehe... ;)

Beautiful pictures of snow, thanks for sharing, I would like to see that for real (I live in Barcelona and never snows here).

Happy new year!


boltoncrafter said...

Only live a few miles south of you and no snow here. Much too cold to go out though! Plenty of crochet & knitting to keep me occupied.

Anonymous said...

Stay in and stay warm! I don't go out unless I have to either. Love the little sweaters. Were I nearby I'd do all the sewing up for you as I don't mind that bit at all.

June said...

No snow down here in Essex yet, but expect some soon, as it is bitter cold. Best to stay indoors in the warm and catch up on lots of crochet. If you don't like sewing up, have you ever tried crocheting them together?

Anonymous said...