Thursday, 7 January 2010

Red Cosy Bedsocks

One finished pair of cosy red bedsocks. They make me feel warmer just by looking at them. red is such a comforting colour in the winter. I have started another pair so 2 pairs of bedsocks for the Sale price of £2.97p is a bargain. Plus they have the added bonus of being machine washable in case of washing disasters.

We are still snowed up although 2 of the cars in the street have moved this morning. I heard from a neighbour that a Tesco home food delivery van had been stuck at the bottom of the hill for 3 days but as I haven't been out I can't verify that. I do hope that he had managed to drop off all of his deliveries before he got stuck.I also hope that my neighbours cars have not joined the van and are also stuck at the bottom of the hill. I also heard that paramedics had struggled to get to an old lady on the hill next to my hill. I heard rumours that the struggle was in vain but I do hope not as although she is an elderly lady she is the kind of person who went out of her way to help everyone.

My neighbours continue to be brilliant. They have almost all changed over the last couple of years and my old neighbours have been replaced with young ones but they are showing the true British spirit in helping the elderly (me) so I have no complaints about any of them. One by one they have called to make sure that I am OK and see if I need any groceries etc which I think is lovely.

At least I have water which if you read the comments on my previous blog poor June has written that her street has a burst and they will have no water for a couple of days. I hope that they have given you a water cart otherwise you can't keep warm with a cup of tea or coffee. The UK is so useless when there is any snow. You would never think that we had ever had any snow before. People in the US and Canada cope so much better than we do but then they are perhaps not so penny pinching as our local councils and government are. The first photo is of my cousin John's house in British Columbia Canada. They have snowfalls that come up to the windows in the roof in winter so are used to coping in weather such as this. Bev in Utah has several inches of snow and I bet her local council copes better with it than the UK does. Everything grinds to a halt here.

I am staying in today. The postman has just struggled through the snow for the first time in days to bring me some junk mail. Thanks postie! You could have kept those letters.


Ambermoggie, a fragrant soul said...

gorgeous socks Jan and perfect for this weather:)
BTW happy new year, not sure if I have said it already
stay warm

lalltop said...

Love your socks... We are having the s_ow today but really it wasn't bad as I had to go out earlier and made it there and back with no problems... Stay warm and safe... Lynn