Sunday, 3 January 2010

All Stitched Up

Finally the boy's sweater are stitched up but as you can see from the photos not yet blocked out. It seems to take me hours to stitch anything together. Drop shouldered sweaters are easy to make but I mess about for ages lining up the sleeves and making sure that both sides are level. I always sew my sleeves in flat before sewing the side seams for this reason. I have seen too many lob sided bunched sleeves, when I had the wool shop, that haunt me whenever I have to stitch anything together.

The wool that I used was James C Brett's Rio Double Knitting Shade RT 23 which although mostly acrylic has 20% wool which gives it that woolly look and feel.The colour has come out a bit pinky looking on the photos but is actually beige with a dull green and pale chocolate mingle.The pattern that I used is a Sirdar Snuggly 3735 which I think looks quite a boyish design despite Sirdar putting embroidered lazy daisies in the middle of the diamonds a touch which I didn't think the boy's mum would appreciate. The pattern also has a cardigan and some baggy trousers again adorned with lazy daisies. The reason that I knitted both sweaters in the same colour was an economic one as I can make 2 sweaters from 300 grams whereas if I made them in different colours I would need 200 grams for each sweater.

There is still snow outside although the sun is bravely trying to shine but there is not enough warmth today to melt the snow so once again I will be staying indoors. I will try to decide my next project to start tonight. I think it will be a crochet one but time will tell when I look at my patterns and my stash and see what inspires me tonight.


sylvia said...

The jumpers look great as usual Jan I am sure the boys will appreciate them in this cold weather we are having at the moment, they will be snug and warm.

June said...

Such lovely jumpers Jan. The boys will keep nice and warm in them.