Tuesday, 26 January 2010

More Hats

I haven't done much in the way of crocheting this last couple of days. I made the second hat with a combination of my cream fleck wool and a ball of Sirdar Breeze that I got from the Big Issue Knit Out. I crocheted the two balls together as they were both double knit and I wanted to make a thicker hat. The stitch that I have used is an alternating UK double crochet and treble stitch that I use a lot as it makes such a firm fabric.

The lilac and white crocheted circle will somehow be magically transformed into a baby Mob Cap with the aid of ribbons and trimmings. It looks like a giant crocheted dinner plate at the moment but I am hoping for better things once it is finished off completely. I have a pair of baby knickers to crochet yet to complete the baby set. Then the fun will begin as sewing on the ribbon and trimmings is not my strong point! As they used to say at the children's matinees at the cinema - watch closely for the next instalment.

Gosh that takes me back. We used to have a very old cinema in the small town where I lived and if my Mum had any spare pennies I was allowed to go to the cinema on a Saturday morning to watch films like Lassie and episodes of the Lone Ranger. I always missed out when they said stay tuned for the next episode as of course I didn't get to go every week. My idea of luxury was to get a minute tub of ice cream from the usherette. The guy who owned the cinema was so old that now he reminds me of the young Mr Grace from the Are you Being Served comedy and the usherette was like Bette Davis in the film Baby Jane. He used to put all the house lights on and stop the film if the boys started messing about. The lads were frightened of him. He knew all of their parents and would tell them if their sons or daughters misbehaved. That was a huge deterrent in my youth. Seems unbelievable these days that one old man could control a cinema full of rowdy kids. The kids of today would need a posse of people to get them to behave these days.The only time that I ever saw this guy lose his cool was when they showed Bill Hailey's Rock around the Clock and the local lads dressed in Teddy Boy gear got up and danced in the Aisles. The most famous of our local Teddy Boys was Legs Diamond. He always wore a long drape coat with a velvet collar and drain pipe trousers with crepe soled brothel creeper shoes.I wonder why they were called brothel creepers? He had the largest Brill creamed quiff of the town. I hope that he has photos as he is probably well into his seventies by now and has probably lost all of that hair!

Another dreary day although it isn't actually raining today and the bin men have got back on track and emptied my household rubbish bin, my glass and tin recycle bin and my old newspaper bag so let's hope that the snow stays away and the street can get back to normal without the overflowing bins everywhere.

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Anonymous said...

Jan, your reminiscence of movie theater days really took me back. We too had a small theater in our little town and it was quite a treat to be able to go. Once had to be extra, extra good to get their 25 cents for the movie and SUPER good for another dime for popcorn. Thank you for the walk down memory lane. My day is now set with happy thoughts.

Can't wait to see the finished layette. Especially the hat. Very interesting. Have a glorious day!