Thursday, 21 January 2010

Snowy Day Hat

The red hat is the Snowy Day Hat by Lauren Osborne that is in Crochet Today magazine January/February 2010. The description says 'You will stand out on the slopes or on the streets with this colourful cap' so I do hope that the homeless person who gets this will not mind standing out. My version came out a bit smaller as I was using scrap wool so I had to add a few more rows of the red to make the hat long enough before I added the ear flaps. it is still a bit close fitting but I will damp block it and it will stretch out a little.

The green knitted hat was made with an oddment of some wool called Poodle that I was given a couple of years ago in a bag of donations. I am not a lover of knitting with anything with texture on it. I push all the nobbles along as I knit. It must be the way I hold my wool. I usually avoid using it but it seemed a shame for the wool not to be used up.

I am hoping to make 12 hats before I visit the Nexus Cafe on Sunday. I think that I will make it as I have made 9 hats so far. I am rapidly running out of male colours so I will make a couple of lady colours as my friend pointed out to me today that there are also homeless ladies. I hope that there are as I don't think any man would want a pink or lilac hat!

Quiet day today. Nothing planned. I think that I will just have a late lunch now with a coffee. I am defrosting some lamb mince so I think that it will be a shepherd's pie for dinner tonight (and for the next couple of days)


Anonymous said...

What cute hats! The people getting them are sure to love them.

KnitNurd said...

Haven't you heard Jan? Pink is the new black! Scooter tells me all the time he isn't afraid to wear pink. I haven't tested him on it yet though! hehe
Both of the hats are very nice, and I especially love the green one!!!
It's so sweet of you to do all those hats for charity! :=)

Beansieleigh said...

Oh! How CUTE are these hats!!! I knew I was going to LOVE everything you made from this book of yours! Beautiful work, as always, Jan! ~tina

Enid said...

You certainly have got a lot of hats done. Don't think you need to worry about the colours; all will find heads to cover.
Sorry about the ongoing knee trouble. I don't have the same problem, but mine are bad enough.

I just presumed that google passed on commentators details, so you could report any ''un nice'' comments. I isn't on ravellery, nor have a blog. should find me if you decide to meet me on facebook.
I know what you mean about the overseas bank offers, and unappropriate ads
take care

Zu said...

Cute hats! I especially love the first one. :-)

Caps & Nooses said...

Love the blog but you should get on You Tube and start with tutorials also. You will get a million times more hits and get your passion out there to the world. I was hoping you actually has the pattern to the Snowy day Hat.