Sunday, 24 January 2010

Nexus Art Cafe Big Knit Out

I went to the Big Knit Out at Nexus Art Cafe in Manchester today. What a good afternoon. I thought that there would maybe be a dozen or so knitters but when I got there the place was full. So lovely to see so many young knitters. People always think if knitting as a bit of an old lady hobby but if they could have seen all these trendy young people knitting then they would have to amend their thinking.

I met up with Marie and Roger from the Kings Arms Knitters,Sean from the Bolton Knitting Noras and 3 ladies from the 8th day knitters, Debbie Tomkies and a few other people whose faces I recognised but the names escape me.Sean managed to win one of the raffle prizes but as he had gone home when they drew the raffle I don't know what he won. I Lucius (Ravelry name) from the 8th Day knitters also won a prize of card making papers and a cross stitch pack.

Nexus have an art and craft afternoon every Sunday between 3 - 5pm so if anyone wants to donate any knitted or crocheted hats, scarves or gloves then you can pop them in then. Or if you just fancy meeting up for a chat and craft go along. The cafe makes delicious sandwiches too and they are very reasonably priced.I had a hot chicken and stuffing sandwich served with some chopped peppers, onions and cherry tomatoes on the side. Very nice.

I started another hat whilst I was there but didn't manage to finish it off whilst I was there. Marie gave me some navy wool to use for some more hats until my next supply of wool arrives. There is enough navy to make a scarf and hat set. Marie has also given me a chunky half mitten knitting pattern that I can make also.

People were taking loads of photos of the event but as usual I didn't take my camera. One guy was saying I could view them later on Twitter but as I don't do Twitter I guess I will have to hope that he puts them on Facebook too.

Last night I was crocheting the baby angel top and have almost finished it. It needs buttons and ribbons yet.Tonight I will either finish off the crochet hat I started this afternoon or carry on with the matching knickers and sun hat for the baby.

The sandwich that I had for my late lunch was very filling so I am not in the mood for any dinner tonight. I will probably have a snack later, it was a bit miserable on the way home as the rain is coming down again. Never mind I can shut the curtains, make a coffee and turn on the TV and hope that there is something good to watch.


June said...

Glad you had a lovely afternoon Jan. It was good to hear that lots of younger people are learning to knit and carrying on the art of knitting and crochet. Your baby crochet is so pretty for a little girl.

Anonymous said...

Oh Jan, what a lovely day! Even with the rain it would have been a lot of fun.

I love the little dress. So dainty and pretty. Can't wait to see the whole thing.

Have a great rest of your weekend!