Friday, 29 January 2010

Two New Knees

No photos today as I have been at the hospital most of the day and so didn't get much crochet done. I did, of course, take some crochet with me but as I was hopping about between departments most of the time I didn't get a lot done.

I had gone prepared for a fight about my knees as last time I was deemed too fat for a new knee. I took a taxi there as I was afraid of being late. My knees were painful and I was feeling a bit cross due to my being awake all night in pain. I need not have worried about being late as the clinic was already running an hour behind when I got there about 10-15am.

To cut a long story short I had more X rays and both of my knees are basically buggered. I knew something was wrong when the big cheese specialist came in and shook my hand. He said something inside my right knee has shunted and needs to be operated on soon. The arthroscopy hadn't worked. I think that I told him words to that effect shortly after the last operation but was told to go away and exercise and all would be well! The left knee will be done as soon as the right knee heals.I had a bit of a laugh in the X ray dept when they asked me to stand on one leg with the other one raised bent behind me. I said Hey I gave up the ballet as a teenager. If I could raise my legs up there then I wouldn't need new knees! We had another giggle in the cardio dept. I am naughty I know but I don't tell them beforehand that I have arrhythmia. I like to watch their faces as they watch the beats. I kinda like the odd rhythm that I was born with. It has a funky beat when I am linked up to a heart monitor!

The specialist never mentioned my weight except to say that I should try my hardest to lose some so that my recovery will be better as the less weight on it as it heals the better. I had all of my pre op tests done whilst I was at the hospital and am on the waiting list. The wait is around 3 months at the moment. I have been wearing my hospital nighties so I will need to get a couple more. I have some but they are sleeveless and it might still be cold if I go in hospital around April/May. Maybe this time I will get to wear the bed jacket that I made and didn't wear after my spinal surgery as the week that I was in it was a heatwave.

I have an appointment to see my GP on Tuesday as my eczema on my lower calves and ankles was really bad today and the specialist commented on it and said that I needed to get some help with it before it becomes infected.

I am hoping that this news will lift my spirits as I have been a bit depressed of late. Prone to floods of tears for hardly any reason. I think that my situation was just getting me down and so hopefully now that I have something to look forward to (well as much as one can say look forward to an operation). I just feel that at last I will be moving forward and this time next year I will be prancing about with two artificial knees. Corps de Ballet here I come - well maybe that is stretching it a bit!

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lalltop said...

I think that anytime you are in pain it certainly makes you depressed and since it has been a long time waiting for them to realize you need this surgery the depression gets worse. Good luck with it getting scheduled as soon as possible and the best possible outcome to you.