Friday, 22 January 2010

Eleven Hats for the Homeless

The latest two hats I have made are more for the ladies. Unless of course any of the men would like to wear a hat with lurex thread and a flower. Well these days one never knows. I have now made eleven hats. Ten crocheted and one knitted. I am hoping to make it to a dozen at least before I go to the Knit Out on Sunday.

Today is, once again, dull and rainy. I think that I will save up for one of those light lamps for S.A.D as I am sure that I have a touch of that as I definitely feel a lot more lethargic and miserable when there is no sun around. I am sure that I was born to the wrong mother and was destined for a hot climate.

Today I got the sign off letter from the specialist that I saw on Tuesday. He is very efficient. Usually I get copies of these letters up to a month after my appointments.He has said that whilst he is happy with my spine after his operation he is unhappy with the knee pain and lack of treatment that I have received which is preventing me from doing the exercise that I need to be doing to maintain my mobility following this operation. Let's hope that my knee specialist picks up on his recommendations when I see him next week.

Thanks for your message Enid. I have tried to add you to Facebook but as usual Facebook was acting up and playing silly beggars so I don't know if you will get my invitation.

Today I really must do a bit of housework. I have brought plastic bags of oddments of wool downstairs whilst I have been hat making and so my front room looks like a rummage sale and I dread anyone calling. I think it's time to re-organise my stash again. It's funny but after eleven hats I can't see any difference to the size of the oddment bags! I can see more stripey hats in the future as a lot of the balls are too small to make a hat in one colour.

Coffee time and time to watch Loose Women.


Zu said...

You have been a busy bee!! lol

I really hope this means you get some help with your knee. That specialist seems to have some sense in him. Unlike the other medical folk you've had to deal with. hehe

Enid said...

make sure you get copies of that letter and keep 'em safe, be ammunition for other appointments.
more lovely hats