Monday, 4 January 2010

Another All Shawl

I am making a Christmas present. No I am not starting early for Christmas this is something that I should have thought of last year.

Each year I go to my brother and sister in law's for Christmas Day and for the last two years my nephew in law's mother has also been invited. I should have thought that she would give me a Christmas gift but of course I completely forgot that she would be there. She gave me a lovely present of the amaryllis, the egg cup and cosy and the book of knitted cakes and I felt rather embarrassed as I had nothing to give her in return.

She admired the things that I had knitted and crocheted for my family but as I don't know her well enough to know her taste in clothing I decided that I would make her an everyday shawl. I know that my sister in law has found hers very useful for those chilly evenings or for reading in bed. I always tell people when I give them a shawl that they are not meant to be kept in a cupboard they are meant to be worn everyday for extra warmth. I wear mine most days. If I feel a little chilly I put one on rather than crank the heating up another notch.

As I have not been able to brave the elements to buy some wool I decided to have a rummage in my stash and I found 300 grams of Jarol Heritage Prints Double Knit Shade 123 which I had bought to make a shawl for someone else but had subsequently changed my mind over the colour and bought some more wool in a different colour.

I am using the All Shawl pattern by Doris Chan which is a great pattern for making a quick easy shawl. It is a free pattern if you are on Ravelry and I have made several of these over the last couple of years. My resolution for this year is to make a couple of these to keep on standby for those forgotten presents that sneak up on me over the year. I hope that Renee likes the colours in the shawl. She was wearing a sweater in the same green as one of the colours in the shawl so I hope so. The top photo is the closest colour match even though it was taken in electric light last night. I took the second photo in daylight this morning and it has come out very pink and totally unlike the actual colours.

I have to make the edging border but am hopeful of finishing it off tonight. I then have the problem of getting it to her as I don't know her address but I will cross that bridge when I get to it.

The snow has turned to shiny ice so I am staying firmly in the house once again today. Thank goodness for freezers and long life milk. I still have plenty of food in the house so have no need to go out anywhere. Hopefully there will be a thaw before the weekend and then I can stock up again.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Wonder Woman! Where do you find the time? You simply amaze me.

I'd give anything for some sunshine here. Very dreary. Lots of ice on the roads and like you, I'm very grateful for the freezer and long life milk. We do have several markets and suppliers who are willing to deliver to your door but of course that costs for such a luxury.

Stay warm!