Monday, 1 February 2010

Sunday Knit Out

Yesterday I went to the monthly Knit Out of the Knitting Noras. Although I do enjoy the Knit Outs by the time I got there I was not on speaking terms with my knees. No matter what the future holds for me in the way of operations and recuperation it surely can't be any worse than this. Watch this space however as I might live to regret these words!

We had quite a good turn out of knitters yesterday. The members have been having a competition as to who could make the best thing from one ball of "She" bright pink mohair. I picked up my ball yesterday and my contribution was almost magical. When I got home and looked for the ball as if by magic it had disappeared. I couldn't understand what had happened to it as I know that I had put it in my bag, This morning when I took another look and shook the bag that I had taken it was underneath the plastic liner that is at the bottom of the bag to give it stability, The ball is one of those flat donut shapes and I hadn't noticed it last night when I emptied the bag.Not sure what I will make with mine. I will have a think. One of the ladies has made a rather amusing mini bikini of 3 hearts with strings I presume in honour of Valentines day. She modelled them over her sweater and pants of course as it was the middle of a Sunday in a public coffee cafe.

I got a very welcome lift home from Bev another Nora member as I had volunteered to store the rest of the wool that was donated for the Noras to use. I have made an inventory of it and will post it up on the Noras site to see if anyone wants anything from it. A lot of members have already chosen some wool but some members haven't seen it as yet. Living alone I have the most space to store it and if no-one else wants it then I can always make good use of it to make some more hats, scarves and possibly shawls with it. They can be an ongoing project for me over the year and I am sure they will all find good homes once they are finished.Besides the homeless hats and scarves there is always a raffle that wants a prize.

I finished off another hat for the homeless and have started a knitted scarf with the navy donated wool. I am knitting the scarf with 3 strands which isn't always easy as I keep finding that I have left a strand behind. I am looking forward to knitting and crocheting something that only has one strand after this.

I managed to poke my toe through my hand knitted socks whilst I was out yesterday. I have only worn them 3 times. I am so heavy footed with hand made socks when I wear them inside my boots. I have found the left over ball and so am thinking of undoing the toe and re-knitting the end of it rather than having to darn it. It will be a bit tricky unravelling the grafting (Kitchener stitch) at the toe but I will only have to unravel about 6 rows after that.

My elder niece called on Saturday and left me some chick flick DVD's and she also brought me a photo of Charlie and Finlay wearing the blue hooded jackets that I made them for Christmas. Their Mum says that the cat is supposed to be looking over the top of the frame but it doesn't matter. The cat can be peeping around the side instead. The red crochet blanket in the photo was made by my elder niece and I got an e mail at the weekend to say that my younger niece (who lives in London) has mastered her first crocheted granny square!

That's what I like. The skills passed to me by my maternal grandmother, my paternal aunties and my Mum passed on to another generation. I only wish that my mother had also taught me to cook! My mum made the most wonderful pastry but as she never measured anything I have no idea how to copy it.When I asked she said Oh I don't know what I do I just was shown this way by my Mum. I have tried pastry from a recipe book but I just don't seem to have the knack of it. Not that I will be trying to make at the moment as I am putting a bit more Oomph into trying to diet and that does not include eating pastry!


craftydiane said...

I am wondering what kind of surgery you are thinking of having for your knees. My mama had knee replacement in one knee once and she said the relief from the pain was fantastic! The surgery is painful and you will have a few days of intense pain afterwards but the relief of the pain after all is healed is worth it. I work in a medical supply store and have come into contact with several people who have had knee replacements and they all tell me the same thing. That the pain relief afterwards is worth the pain of the surgery itself. Good luck with whatever you decide.
Have a Blessed Day,

Ana Luisa said...

I hope the surgery goes well for you, and you'll soon be pain free.
Thanks for sharing photos of your projects, you really are talented!
Gretting from Mexico