Thursday, 18 February 2010

Almost Finished

I am on the last bit of knitting for the Kaftan cardigan. I just have the buttonhole band and the neckband to knit. As you can see from the second photo the cardigan will need a good washing once it is finished, The wool had been stored for some considerable time before it was given to me and so the cardigan has dirty stripes all over it. I am sure that it is only dust that has marked it and it will hopefully come out once it is washed.

Once this is finished I really must get around to making the She ball mohair challenge. I think that I will have to try to continue with what I started as it is proving impossible to unravel. I am crocheting with it and that glues together far more than knitting.

The weather is once again dull and dismal and I didn't want to leave my bed this morning.I am sleeping much better since I changed my prescription in fact I think that I am sleeping too much.

I have been leaving my central heating on all of the time but on a low setting and I find this is better for my arthritis than the house getting too cold and then too hot. I got my gas bill today and that was a bit of a shock. Luckily I was over £100 in credit from my last bill so although that has been used up I am not in debt. Whew. I hope that the weather gets warmer soon and then I can turn it off altogether once again.This is one of the main worries about living on a limited income.It's not the lack of money for luxuries that bothers me it's the paying utility bills like the gas, electric and phone.


Anonymous said...

Are you sure this cardi isn't for ME??????? Oh, Jan, I think it's just beautiful. I absolutely love the pattern. Can't wait to see it finished.

I know what you mean about utilities. They can sure make a big dent in the finances, can't they? And they can fluxuate so much it's really hard to budget for them. But DO stay warm.

Janet Happy Girl said...

This cardigan is beautiful...I have always wanted to learn to knit...someone tried to teach me once but I was confused trying to manipulate both hands. I do crochet and love it...always have a project going on..Maybe some day I'll learn to knit...

Enid said...

love the pattern, the lace effect is so nice, I'd just want to hug the garment.
You have done really well with the collection for Big Issue. I am sure every item will find a body to cover.
Glad the infection is cleared.
take care in this drizzly weather.