Monday, 8 February 2010

Still Busy Crocheting Hats For The Homeless

I am still crocheting hats for the homeless.I have used up the bag of cream and brown unravelled donated wool and have managed to make 2 cream scarves, 3 cream hats and a brown one. The worst part was sewing all the tails in as some of the balls were really small or had lots of knots in. I need to wash them all before I give them away as they do smell a little musty as the wool has been stored for quite some time.

The multi coloured hat is one I found part made in my stash. I can't remember which pattern I used (or even if I ever had one) so I finished it off hence the difference in the size of the bobbles, It is made from 2 strands of machine cones and I think that I must have stopped making it as making bobbles with doubled wool is a bit of a pain so I made the bobbles smaller as I kept losing threads and having to start all over when I tried to make them as big as the original row.I now have a bag full of hats and scarves ready to take to the Islington Mill Knit Out at the end of February.No doubt I will have made a few more before then although I have got a pattern for some knitted fingerless gloves in chunky that I might try as a change from all of the hats.

I am feeling a little better. The weather is helping as although it is still dull the mornings are a bit lighter. I managed to get a bit of housework done yesterday. I must be taking more notice of my surroundings as for the first time in ages I saw the dust and actually cared about the mess. Today I plan on tackling this room which I always call my mess room as everything gets dumped on the computer desk. It is my filing system for hospital appointments and bills that need dealing with. If I move them anywhere else and try to tidy up then I lose them or forget appointments.

I might start a knitted cardigan for myself with some very old Kaftan. Listers made the Kaftan which was a sort of brushed acrylic aran. I used to stock in when I had the shops. I got given some and managed to unearth an old pattern for it from my pattern stash. I will have to scale it up a bit as what I never noticed with my old patterns is that the largest size a lot of them do is 38". Just shows that we must have been slimmer back in the 80's as I don't remember anyone complaining that the patterns didn't go large enough.

The amaryllis now has one fully opened flower, another part opened and a bud. So I will have had 6 flowers altogether from my Christmas gift. There is a small bud at the bottom that might just grow into a third stem once these flowers have finished blooming. I will try to take a photo of it today if the daylight gets brighter this afternoon.

Time to get showered and dressed. My neighbour has told me that my new computer monitor has arrived and he will come and install it for me sometime this week. My niece is calling tonight with my S.A.D light so maybe tomorrow I will be bouncing with energy.

Thanks everyone for your lovely comments whilst I have been a bit down. They are much appreciated and have kept me going. Ailsa I will try the Cranberry juice when I go to the shops tomorrow. Since I have been taking the antibiotics the swelling in my knees and my stomach has gone down It makes me wonder if I was right all along when I thought that I had infection in my knee after the last operation. My knee is back to a normal temperature. The hospital told me that I didn't have an infection and the heat was due to my arthritis. Some days I could have fried an egg on it.


June said...

So glad to hear that you are feeling better Jan. Lovely lot of hats and scarves for the homeless, you have done really well. Hope the SAD light does the trick, we could all do with a bit of sunshine in our lives.

Anonymous said...

Glad you are feeling better. I'm so glad the antibiotics seem to be helping. I can't believe all the hats and scarves you have finished. You inspired me to get going on a new batch of chemo caps for the local cancer clinic.