Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Hole In My Sock

I mentioned yesterday that I had put my toe through my hand knitted socks. I managed to unpick the toe and re knit it with some spare wool. Sorry the photos are a bit fuzzy but the hole has now gone and the toe although a slightly darker colour is back to normal. It was a bit awkward to unpick and re knit the toe but I thought that it would look better than a darn. Thank goodness they were top down socks and I was able to unpick the grafting, take out the damaged rows and re knit it again.

I finished off the garter stitch scarf for the homeless. Not my best project as I was working with three strands knitted together and I kept finding out that I had only knitted two strands and had left a loop behind. That's the trouble with knitting a dark colour in the electric light and watching TV at the same time. The wool was donated by Marie and she was right - it is itchy. If you see a homeless person in Manchester itching his head and neck and he is wearing something navy then it will be the hat and one of the scarves that I have made with this wool.

I still have some red and brown so I will be crocheting another itchy scarf with the two colours worked together tonight.I will be glad when I can move on to just using one strand of wool again.

This afternoon I have to go to see the GP about my leg eczema and to update him with my operation news. I didn't sleep much last night because of the pain in my knees so I am going to ask for a change of pain killer medication. I have not slept properly since I had the arthoscopy last February and I am getting very tired and feel so down through the lack of sleep. The dark and dreary weather doesn't help to lift my mood nor does the fact that next door's cat sneaked in again and has left me with an untraceable aroma once again. I am going to have to stop going outside after dark as that must be when he sneaks in. Last night I remembered that I hadn't put the dustbin out. The refuse men came very early so it's a good job that I remembered to put it out.I staggered downstairs in the early hours in pain to be greeted by an awful smell and the cat asleep in the middle of the sofa.

Thanks to everyone for your kind wishes and helpful advice. Thank you Ana Luisa from Mexico for your comments. Crafty Diane - I am having knee replacements. I am afraid that I sort of stick my fingers in my ears and go la la la when they start talking about metal spikes and plastic bits. I will leave that to the surgeon. I have to go for a pre-operative meeting in March so I will probably get told in more detail then. I know that they have to run through all of the risks that can happen to me with the surgery but I just wish to remain in ignorance about the mechanics of it all. If I started to think of the risks of infection, blood clots and anaesthesia then it would put me off. Instead I will just put my faith in the surgeon and pray that he does the best job that he can.


June said...

I hope the surgeon does a good job for you, as you deserve to be painfree after all the time you have put up with it. Itchy or not, I think the recipients of your nice warm scarves and hats will be grateful for them.

Anonymous said...

Jan, I know the surgery will really help and wish it were sooner rather than later so they will improve that much faster. As always, your work is lovely. It will bring someone great pleasure (and warmth) to wear it.