Tuesday, 9 February 2010

SAD Light

I have bought a SAD light in an effort to combat these dull dreary mornings when the sun doesn't shine. My niece went to Argos to pick one up for me. I have used it this morning. It is quite a small lamp but it does give off a bright light. Only time will tell if it works or whether I am the SAD person for buying it. As I paid for half of it with a gift voucher that I received for Christmas I won't feel too bad if it doesn't work. Roll on summer. I always feel better when the sun shines and I can sit outdoors.

I have taken the last of my antibiotics and am off to the GP to give another sample for testing. I hope that this one is OK and I am back on the waiting list again. I just hope that this feeling of well being doesn't disappear now that the medication has finished. I still think that I had an infection after my last operation despite the hospital saying I didn't. I hope that the excessive swelling in my knees doesn't come back again. It has been nice to be able to have more mobility and be able to bend my knees more.

I have started knitting with the vintage Kaftan yarn. Kaftan was a yarn that I used to sell and dates back from the late 70's or 80's. It was donated by a man whose late wife was a knitter but like me had a stash at times bigger than her needles.I had equally vintage patterns in my stash and decided on a cardigan pattern instead of a sweater as if I am running out of wool then I can always have short sleeves. It has been ages since I knitted anything lacy and so I have to keep count of my rows as these days I can't seem to follow patterns by eye as I used to in the past. Too many years of crocheting I suppose. I am having a little break from the hats and scarves although no doubt I will get bored with the knitting and sneak in a couple more crochet hats before I hand them in at the end of the month.

The amaryllis now has 3 flowers and a bud. The second lot of flowers seem a bit darker coloured than the first set. It is a lovely cheerful sight on my kitchen window bottom to greet me each morning when I am making my breakfast or washing the dishes.

My neighbour brought and installed my new PC monitor. I have been borrowing his since my monitor decided to keep switching itself off in the middle of doing things. He has got me a reconditioned Dell so fingers crossed that it stays working as long as the PC does. My printer is now having one of it's moments and refusing to print or let me change the ink cartridge. I will just have to manage without a printer for now as I can't afford any more expenses for a couple of months.


Ana Luisa said...

firstly, it's good to read you're feeling better, and you'll see that the lamp will help.
Secondly, the amarillys is stunning! I have a few planted outside, but mine are red. I'll post a photo on my blog once they start to bloom.
thirdly, that cardigan you've started looks gorgeous! I wish I could knit as well.
keep well..

Anonymous said...

I am SO glad you are feeling better. Those lamps really are quite amazing but you need to remember to use it every morning. Your cardigan is going to be lovely and I can't wait to see it finished.

Keep us posted about the surgery schedule.