Monday, 22 February 2010

Buster Has Gone Home

My fur grandson has gone home again. It was touch and go on the Sunday whether he went home or stayed another day as the snow came down thick and fast on Sunday morning. It was a bit of a shock as I had got up at 4am for Buster's bathroom break and there was no snow but when we got up for breakfast at 7.30 am the world had turned white. My son rang to see what the weather was like at home and decided to cut their weekend break short and make their way home. They said that the weather was far worse where they had gone.

I really enjoy Buster coming for the weekend and am always sad to see him go home but realistically I can't keep him. I managed to walk him on the Saturday afternoon and thoroughly enjoyed being out in the woodland with him but once I got home I was like an old woman of ninety wincing about with my knees. Hopefully by this time next year I will be able to walk, if not better, at least not in as much pain. The strange thing is although my knees pain me so much I am better if I keep trying to walk about a bit. Perhaps just not as long as the walk that I took Buster on.

The snow has disappeared and this morning is lovely and sunny. Still cold and frosty but still it's nice to see the sun.

I managed to take a couple of fuzzy photos of my Kaftan cardigan. My niece came on Saturday and not only did my hair roots for me she cut a couple of inches off the bottom. My hair had grown over long and straggly. I should have asked her to take a couple of photos of me in the cardigan but by the time I remembered I was sitting with hair dye on and I didn't want to drip dye on my new cardigan. I am quite pleased with the fit of it and when I tried it on this morning and it is very warm.

The mint chocolate ice cream coloured sweater is progressing slowly. I wasn't able to do much over the weekend as Buster always wants to try to sit on my knee or failing that he wants me to sit on the sofa so he can sleep with his head in my lap. Neither position is good for knitting. My son says that I spoil him but that is allowed. He gets the same pampering and spoiling that any non fur grand child would get if I had any small ones. My son forgets that his grandparents used to spoil him when he was small and it hasn't seemed to have done him any harm.

My blog has been given a couple of awards from fellow bloggers Cat and Bealicious. I am so technophobic that I am crap at passing these on but I will endeavour to try to pass them on tomorrow. Thanks ladies for your kindness.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful! Absolutely Beautiful! All three items: YOU, the white cardi and the mint chip cardi.

June said...

The white cardigan fits you really well and looks lovely on you. The mint chip cardigan is delicious!

Enid said...

echoing previous comments. both items great. love the stripe colourwork you chose.

bit more personal>>>>did you phone hossy about returning to waiting list?

lalltop said...

Both sweaters are absolutely beautiful... Do phone the hospital and make sure things are as they should be with your name back on the list, you know how they did you last year.... Lynn