Tuesday, 23 February 2010

The Circle of Friends Award

As I mentioned yesterday I have been awarded two awards on other people's blogs. The first one is the Circle of Friends award given to me by Belinda (Queen Bealicious) of the Crochet Therapy blog. I have included a link to her blog in my blog title. She has such a lovely sense of humour dealing with all the stuff that life seems to throw at her.In her words "This is awarded to the blogs that bring a smile to your face, or just make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside"

I am supposed to pick out 5 people to award this to but it is too hard for me to choose only 5 so I am going to be different and award it to all of you. You all bring a smile to my face with every comment that you post on my blog so are very deserving of this award. Please feel free to add it to your blog as I have nominated you all.

Thank you Cat for your Sunshine award. Unfortunately I can't find my way to your blog so look forward to you leaving me the link to it and then I can follow it. I clicked on your name in the comments and it told me that your profile wasn't available for some reason. I will try again soon.

Today is a very droopy day. After months of not sleeping I think the pills have kicked in and I not only slept until 11 am today I managed to sleep through 2 of the bins being emptied and one of them is the recycling bin. That wagon makes enough noise to waken the dead so I don't understand how I didn't hear all the crashing of bottles and tins.It is now 4pm and I haven't even washed the dishes or done anything.

Yesterday I decided to take a break from my ice cream knitting and started knitting a cardigan with some Patons Moonglow. I thought that a bit of plain knitting would be OK for my TV watching. I knitted 4 balls into a shortie cardigan from the Fitted Knits book. I realized that my wool was thinner than the one on the pattern and so started the X large size. It is knitted from the neck down and when it was large enough for me to try on I realized that is would barely fit my size 8 niece. As she is not into thick knits of any kind I decided to undo it. I have restarted it with the Mei Mei jacket from Doris Chan Everyday Crochet book. My wool is too thick for this pattern so I am making a smaller size. Somehow I managed to break one of my crochet hooks in half during last night's crochet. I have never done that before.This morning when I looked at the crochet one of the balls is a lighter colour than the rest but I am not undoing it again. I just hope that once it has been washed a couple of times then the colour difference will not be so apparent.

My copy of Crochet Today arrived in the post. My sister in law got me a subscription to it as a Christmas present and this is the 2nd copy. I must say that I am a little disappointed with it as it is all Grandma Chic. In other words full of Granny Squared afghans and doilies. I am surprised that it has scarves and woolly hats when it is a March/April edition and people are usually thinking more of Spring and Summer wear and not winter scarves. I know that the weather is still going to be cold for a while but as a lot of people crochet slowly they need more time to prepare for summer. There is a very lacy cardigan by Doris Chan that is more decorative than warm so that is more in keeping with the Spring/Summer theme. I will try to post some photos of the magazine tomorrow.

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Beansieleigh said...

Hi Jan.. I have not yet tried the Mei Mei Jacket yet, but I think the style is really cute for Spring, and would LOVE to try it sometime! I've never had my crochet hooks break on me either, and am wondering what kind you were using.. meaning a plastic, metal, or wooden one??... I don't have a crochet project going at the moment, but am thinking on what St. Patrick's items I might want to make! I want to start decorating with some greens around here, and that's always FUN for me! ~tina