Friday, 26 February 2010

Buster Makes Himself At Home

Buster is here again for the weekend and has lost no time in settling in. As usual he is glued to me and the only way I got to take this photos was to slide out from under him whilst he was asleep. The minute I took the photo he was up and following me around as per usual. This means that very little knitting will get done over the weekend.

I have knitted one side of the first piece of the striped knitting. Then it will be a bit like the second sock syndrome as I have to knit another piece exactly the same! For some reason I am just not enjoying this sweater. I am determined to finish it though as if I put it down altogether then it will never get finished. I now limit myself to a couple of projects at any one time otherwise I get overwhelmed with WIP and don't finish anything.

I have started the James C Brett Marble chunky. The pattern I have chosen is definitely a vintage pattern as I first knitted it when I was 15. I think that I have made it two or three times over the years but haven't made one during the last 10 years so it is time for another one. I have decided to move back to raglan sleeve decreasing as I find that they fit so much better, Perhaps that is one reason I am so slow with he striped sweater as it has dropped shoulders.

I got an e mail yesterday from my niece's friend that I made the duck hats for at Christmas. She said that her daughter has tantrums if they try to put any other hat on. She only wants to wear the duck hat. Now whilst I am flattered that she likes my hat I am slightly worried that I have turned a small child into a bit of a diva. I replied suggesting that over the summer months that they "lose" the hat. I have offered to make her another hat for next winter without a duck on it.

I don't suppose that I will get much knitting done this weekend. Buster is an attention seeker so I have to wait until he falls asleep around about 10pm to get anything done at all.

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June said...

I just love that Buster. He is just like my dog and loves his comfort. How lovely that the little girl loves her duck hat so much. why not let her wear it until the winter is over. The icecream jumper is looking very pretty. Have a good weekend with Buster Jan.