Saturday, 6 February 2010

Amaryllis Is Blooming Again

The Amaryllis that was one of my Christmas presents is set to bloom again. I have already had 3 lovely blooms from it and now it looks like I am going to get 3 more. The Christmas present that lasts until February. There is another very small shoot at the bottom near the bulb so I will hold my breath that the plant will flower again once these flowers have died.

Yesterday I felt a bit better. The weather was marginally brighter and my knees weren't hurting as much so I managed to get up to Tesco (with my 4 wheeled trolley of course) and do a bit of food shopping. I know that I can order online but although I detest food shopping I still prefer to chose everything for myself. Anyway it gets me out in the fresh air.

Today is a bit brighter again and that lifts my spirits. I am thinking about tidying up and cleaning so that shows there is some improvement in my mood.

I have started another crochet hat for the homeless and found another hat part made amongst my stash. I still have enough cream left from the hat and scarf set to possibly make another set but the scarf could be a little shorter.


sylvia said...

So glad to hear your feeling better today and your knees are not as painful. Keep up the good work for your homeless hat project someone will be glad of a nice hat and matching scarf to keep them warm on these still very cold nights.

Enid said...

Hi Jan, hope the knees continue to be easier. well done on all the projects you have made. they look really lovely.
what a bummer over getting an infection, even more that they decide you have to be put further down the list.
enjoy Sunday

Mad about Craft said...

Having no internet on my laptop has meant very spasmodic blog reading so have only caught up with you today.

You are having a rough old time, I'm so sorry.

Nurses hat on here-200mls Cranberry juice daily can help prevent urine infections, and yes, drink, drink, drink-any type of fluid you fancy but not a lot of alcohol (it dehydrates, I'm afraid)

Hope you are feeling better ASAP and I will keep my fingers crossed that the knee ops go smoothly.