Saturday, 20 February 2010

Colour Change

I have had a change of colour with my knitting. The lilac shade turned out to be more white than lilac and I felt it was rather insipid for my taste plus not enough of a contrast with the white. I unravelled the lilac and added some taupe cotton ribbon that I had in stash. The effect is now more stripy than I would have wished. I have christened it my chocolate mint ice cream sweater. I will carry on with it as I am sure that if I don't like it when it is finished someone else will.

Buster arrived yesterday afternoon and lost no time in making himself comfy. First on the small sofa as you can see and later int he evening he settled on the larger sofa but only after I went and sat with him. He is always quite clingy when he first arrives and then settles down the day after. He is not too keen on my sitting in my usual spot on the recliner chair as he can't fit on it with me, although he does try. He seems to think that he is a tiny lap dog. He is only ever happy when he is sprawled all over me. When I go to bed he has to lie as close as he can to me with his head tucked underneath my neck. At home he sleeps in his basket downstairs but with me he follows wherever I go.My son says that I spoil him but a little TLC every now and again doesn't do him any harm. He likes attention and I have the time to give it to him. He is really good though. He woke me up when he wanted to go outside for his bathroom duties. My son wakes up at 4am to go to work and lets the dogs out then so Buster's body clock said 4 am was time for a wee. I don't mind though. I would rather he woke me than have an accident.

My knees are not too bad this morning so I am hoping that I can take Buster out for a walk later. I haven't got his lead but I don't live near any main roads and he will walk at heel when asked to so I have no worries as we walk mainly in woodland and he will enjoy a splash about in the stream. As long as I can find a stick to throw then he will be happy. I don't take a ball as they bounce down the hills and into the undergrowth and we finish up losing it.

I don't suppose I will get much knitting done today but who cares. I have got Buster to keep me company.


June said...

Have a lovely weekend with Buster Jan, Glad to hear the knees are a bit better. I love the colours of your new jumper, very pretty and makes me think of Spring.

sylvia said...

The knitting is coming along a treat I have a copy of this pattern but as yet have never used it. Buster has certainly made himself at home yet again, enjoy your walk later on, keep warm and keep well.

Ana Luisa said...

Buster looks so sweet! and so obedient..have a wonderfult time with him.
The colours in your knitting look "yummy"! You certainly have good taste in colours.

Cat said...

As always, your knitting is delicious! I love those colors - very classy! I know - sometimes you may not WANT classy, but that sweater is awesome and looks really beautiful. Wish I had your talent.

Speaking of which, I am giving you the Sunshine Award, and you have to go over to my site to "pick it up" - I hope you can figure out how to do it faster than it took me!!!

Love the doggie, too!!!! So huggable!