Thursday, 11 February 2010

The Sun Is Shining

For the last two days I have woken up to sunshine. No I haven't been using my SAD light this is the natural God given sunshine. it's amazing how the sun lifts my mood. The minute that I walk into the bathroom first thing in the morning and see the sunshine streaming through the window my mood is so good. It doesn't matter what the day has to throw at me I don't care - not if the sun is shining. I am looking forward to the day when I can throw open the patio doors once again and sit outside with my breakfast.

The amaryllis continues to bloom. I took these photos in the electric light last night as the bulb seems to come to life after dark. The colours were so beautiful when I came into the kitchen this morning. Sunshine and an amaryllis flowering. The day can't get any better.

I have still not got my body in tune with my mind yet. I am now noticing that the housework needs doing which is a big improvement but my body is a little slow at responding with the cleaning. Slowly but surely I will get there. One day soon I will be in sync again. I have stripped the bed this morning and will change the bed and clean the bedroom and bathroom so that is a start on my cleaning regime.I don't want Kim and Aggie coming in and holding up their hands in horror. They would do at the state of my kitchen floor. I haven't yet got the enthusiasm for a couple of months worth of ironing as yet! Yes I know that proves that I have too many clothes if I don't miss what is in the ironing basket!

I am progressing with my knitting slowly but surely. It seems years since I made a raglan sleeve for myself and I had to stop and think out how to work out the lacy pattern as I shaped. At least it proves that my brain is still functioning in some respects. Now I am re-knitting a pattern that I last knitted in the late 70's or early 80's it takes me back in time to the last time that I knitted it. I can remember that I knitted it in pale blue. It's funny how our taste in colours changes. My mother used to despair when I was a teenager as everything I wore was dark. I had a passion for dark olive greens and purples (purple still lingers on) She would point out dresses in pretty summery colours and I would find the one drab dress on the rack.I think I was into grunge long before it became fashion.

Thankfully my taste changed and I went into the brighter colours eventually. My favourite colours are the dark jewel colours but if pushed I am torn between red and purple as my favourite colour. One colour that I never wore was pink but since my colouring has changed with age I find that I quite like myself in pink shades.

Time to push on with the chores or I will be bedding less tonight when I go to bed. First of all though it is Loose Women on TV and a cup of coffee.

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June said...

What a beautiful amaryliss. When there are hardly any flowers in the garden, it is nice to have flowers indoors. I know what you mean about patterns bringing back memories, they do the same for me too.