Thursday, 4 February 2010

It Could Only Happen To Me

I am making yet another hat and scarf set for the homeless. This wool had been unravelled and so I am not sure what it is. It appears to be chunky but the hat, that I had previously made for myself, has turned out larger than mine did so perhaps it is a thicker chunky. I will just have to hope that there is a homeless person either with a big head or a lot of hair. I will have to wash the set once it is finished as the wool has been stored and smells a little bit musty. If it has any wool content then maybe it will shrink a bit in the wash.

Yesterday afternoon I got a phone call from the pre op nurse at the hospital. It turns out that I have a urine infection and because of this I have been taken off the waiting list for my knee operation. Once I have a course of anti biotics and get tested to make sure that it has gone then I will be placed back on the list. I think that this is a little unfair as my operation wasn't scheduled for another 3 months so surely any infection will have been cleared up by then. I was told that it is hospital policy to stop the clock as far as waiting lists are concerned if they find anything wrong at the pre op stage. It seems a bit mad to me as they don't re- test. I could in theory have had a clear sample last week and contracted an infection between now and the operation date. Once I have got this cleared up I must make a concentrated effort to drink more water. I hold my hands up that I do not drink enough fluids during the course of the day which is a bit silly of me as I have been prone to urine infections for most of my life.

I rang my GP as the hospital had faxed over the medication that they wanted the GP to prescribe. I got told to ring today to see if there is a prescription ready. I rang at lunchtime and they have told me to ring back after 4pm. I get so impatient with the clerical staff that they have at my GP's surgery. They have no sense of urgency at all. It could be Friday before I get my prescription and that, to me,is two days delay on starting my medication. Last time this happened they "forgot" to inform the hospital by fax, as requested, the results of the all clear test. Luckily I rang the hospital a few days later to check they had received it and they hadn't so I had to remind them to send it! That, combined with the 2 day wait for a prescription, put me back 2 weeks on the waiting list. I just hope that this doesn't happen this time.

Not much knitting or any crochet done today. I will probably have to go out later this afternoon. The stronger pain killers seem to be giving me more relief but still not enough to get a night's sleep. I did sleep in longer spells last night but am still feeling tired today.


Ana Luisa said...

I can't understand why they would do that, those type of infections clear up very quickly, I know, I've had them many times, too.
Hopefully all turns out for the best.
you've done an excellent jobon crocheting and knittung, well done!

Ana Luisa said...

oops, sorry! I meant to write:
"you've done an excellent job on crocheting and knitting, well done!"

Anonymous said...
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dacraftylady said...

My knick name is Crochetoholic so I stand with you, I am blonde, and fighting the old age thing too....I don't mind the age, and like knowing what I do now, but give me my jammies and a hot cup of tea with a ball of yarn and my MP3 for music anyday... :) Great crocheting and knitting.. :) Debb