Friday, 19 February 2010

Guess Who Is Coming For The Weekend?

My fur baby Buster is coming for the weekend. In fact he is coming for this weekend and next weekend. I just hope that my knees behave so I can take him out for a walk this time. Last time I looked after him he could not understand why we weren't going out for a walk. I felt so guilty as he kept looking through the window and sighing loudly. I am hoping that with my stronger pain killers I will, at least, be able to walk him tomorrow. He will be OK today as my son will have walked him before he arrives here this afternoon.

The Kaftan cardigan is finished and washed although it's still a little damp so any photos of me wearing it will have to be on another day. I need to reposition one of the buttons though as it is slightly off and is making the band pucker. I think that I have fallen in love with raglan sleeves again. I am short and squat and I hadn't realized how much drop shoulders or set in sleeves added bulk to my shoulders. When I tried the cardigan on before washing it fitted me perfectly. Sorry Bev it won't be coming your way ;)

I spent last night pattern searching. That took up most of the evening as I do tend to get sidetracked when I am browsing. A little while ago my friend Sue gave me the lilac and pale green cotton. While browsing in the wool that I got given to me I found 5 balls of white Linen Look. As there was not enough in either colour to make anything except a baby cardigan I found this pattern so am going to try to make it. I do hope that it doesn't look too obviously striped as I can do without any added width. I will have to adapt the pattern as I am a ball short of the white but have more of the colours. I will not make such a long ribbing nor will I made a doubled neckband. I can make up the overall length by knitting a couple more stripes that the pattern suggests. I doubt if I will be knitting much over the weekend as Buster likes a lot of attention so it's knit a couple of stitches, throw a ball, knit a couple more, throw it again. Still I will be glad of the company.I wish that I was fit enough to keep him on a full time basis as before. Maybe one day when my knees are fully fixed. Until then he is in good hands back with my son and daughter in law.

I woke up to snow again this morning. There is not much on the ground but the sky looks full of snow so I expect that we will have more snow to come. I think that the poor spiky plant will not survive this winter. It is looking decidedly brown and droopy. I just hope that it will revive in the spring. I think that I should have over wintered it in the garage out of the frost and snow but I just could not lift the planter.I am not much of a gardener as you have probably guessed from the state of my garden. I did use to try but since my spinal and knee troubles it has reverted back to nature a bit. I do manage to mow the lawn in the summer but that is about it.


Ana Luisa said...

The cardigan looks gorgeous, well done on your knitting! (I so envy you..heh heh..)
Have a great time with Buster..

June said...

Glad to hear that the lovely Buster is coming back home for the weekend. Not a lot of knitting or crochet will get done, but it will be worth it. The cardigan is looking good. You have made good use of the donated yarn.

Anonymous said...

I think the colors are lovely together.

I'm very disappointed I'm not going to find the cardi in my mail anytime soon. (Sigh.) Can't wait to see it on you.