Friday, 12 February 2010

Back On The List

I am once again back on the hospital waiting list. I got the all clear from the GP this morning which means that the antibiotics worked and my water runneth clear. I phoned the Pre op nurse with the good news but of course she wanted official confirmation so I had to ring the GP back and get him to fax the test results over to her.

I am still progressing slowly with the knitting, I have finished off a front. I am getting a little crochet crazy so have the urge to pick up a hook once again. Knitting makes my wrist and fingers ache so I find it best to alternate the wrist actions from time to time and switch from knitting to crochet and visa versa. I will probably have a look in the donated wool bags and see if there is anything suitable for crochet. A lot of the wool is textured and loopy which makes it almost impossible to crochet with so that will have to be knitted up. I am sure I can find something in there that isn't mohair or textured.

The morning was bright and sunny once again so that is lifting my spirits. I hope that it means that it is going to be a nice weekend. I don't have anything planned except a bit of food shopping but as it's Valentines Day on Sunday there is always the unlikely event of my getting a card although as I don't have any gentleman admirers in the offing I think that is highly unlikely. My ex husband was never the romantic type and although I did get a card he gave it reluctantly as he knew that his life would not be worth living if he forgot ;) If I was lucky he took me out somewhere for a meal but never on the actual day unless it fell on a weekend.

I think that I will put my feet up and settle down to a bit of hat crochet this afternoon although I still have to decide what to make with that ball of pink She mohair. The Knitting Noras are having a sort of competition as to who can make the best or the quirkiest item with one ball of this mohair. I keep thinking about it but as yet have not settled on anything. I keep hoping that inspirations will strike me soon as it is our Knit Out on the 28th of this month.

I need to go and change the channel now on the TV as I cannot stand Lawrence Llewellyn Bowen and I think that the programme where they have to buy someone a house gift is scraping the bottom of the barrel as far as styling programmes go. I still have some unseen DVD's that my niece lent to me so I might just settle down with one of those.

I spoke too soon about the weather. It has now started raining!

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