Monday, 15 February 2010

Ready To Go

The bags are packed and ready to go. I am lucky enough to get the offer of a lift from my niece to the Kings Arms Knit Club tonight. Marie will hopefully be there tonight and as she works near by the Big Issue in Manchester she has offered to drop in the hats and scarves that I have made for the homeless. I haven't finished making them but I am taking a wee break just for now. It is an ongoing project so I will return to it from time to time and just keep the hats until I can get them delivered to the Big Issue. I haven't, as yet, made any gloves so maybe that will be something that I can make next.

The Kaftan knitting has moved on a bit. I now have a back and two fronts knitted. I don't think that i will be taking a sleeve with me to the Knit Club as I will probably go wrong as I am knitting and nattering,. I haven't been for such a long time that I am sure there is a lot to catch up on. I will take something simple with me.

Today is miserable, dull and rainy and so I plugged in my SAD light. I can't tell as yet whether it is the lamp, the usually better weather or the anti depressants but I am feeling better. Perhaps it is a combination of all three.

Next door's cat Oscar has come in out of the rain. He has settled upstairs somewhere but no doubt I will disturb him when I go up for a shower shortly. He is a nervous cat and even though he knows me well he still jumps a mile if I go anywhere near him. He only allows me to stroke and pet him if I am feeding him.

I am looking forward to going out tonight. Being in the company of other people always lifts my spirits and the Kings Arms knitters are usually a lively bunch.I have put a link to the photos that Rachael has posted showing some of the members of the Knit Club. Click on the blog title.


Anonymous said...

Oh, what an amazing bunch of hats and scarves you have made. I'm just blown away. The lucky recipients will feel doubly-blessed.

Can't wait to see your cardigan finished. Have fun on your evening out.

June said...

What a lovely lot of hats and scarves you have made to take with you this evening. Have a great time chatting to your friends.

rubbishknitter said...

it was ace to see everybody tonight in the kings arms! hope you had fun, i'll try and make it down again soon