Thursday, 25 February 2010

Mei Mei Fits Just Right

I am quite pleased with the way that the Mei Mei bolero has turned out although I think I would prefer it if I had not used such chunky wool. It's a pity in the photos that the Patons Mooonbeam just looks a lumpy cream as in the ball is it s mix of cream and white with the odd fleck of blue with a subtle touch of lurex wound through it. You have to be up very close to actually see the lurex though. I am going to re-do the button tab though. It is too wide and too long. The buttons should fit very close together and not so far apart that they can slant and drop one front lower than the other.This was only apparent when I tried it so so I will amend it tonight.

I am still not in the mood for the stripy knitting but I did manage to force myself into doing two more stripes last night and am now up to the neck shaping. The back and front are worked alike so it must have a scooped neckline back and front.

I have just come back from some food shopping at Tesco and my knees are no longer speaking to me. I think Buster is coming tomorrow so I wanted to make sure that I could rest tomorrow and try to walk him a bit on Saturday. This might not happen as I am going to the Islington Mill for a knit out. I won't be going to the Bolton Knit Out this week as it takes me too long on public transport and my knees will probably be sore from going out on the Saturday.

I am going to start a bit of mindless chunky stocking stitch knitting tonight. I had some red James C Brett Marble chunky in my stash but was a ball short to knit any of my patterns so I have ordered another ball when I ordered the replacement crochet hook. The wool is variegated so it won't matter that it is a different dye number. I just hope that the colour is reasonably similar when it arrives. I will try to tempt myself into finishing the striped jumper piece before I start the chunky. It will be like the sweetie that your mother used to give to you after she gave you a spoonful of medicine.


Janet Happy Girl said...

Well look at you!!! Fabulous

Beansieleigh said...

LOVE it Jan! Nice work, as always, and it looks beautiful on you! ~tina

Zu said...

That is cute on you!! :-)