Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Red Scarf

Another scarf is finished. This time I crocheted a strand of Red Sirdar Snuggly DK along with some unlabelled scratchy brown 4ply. I gave now used the last of the wool donated by Marie for making things for the homeless and am now starting to use some oddments of unravelled cream chunky that was donated to the Noras by Arthur. It was from his late wife's stash. I have some other wool from this donation but a lot of it is fancy mohair and so that might get used for other charity projects as I don't think a lot of it is suitable for men's wear. Lacy scarves or shawls are always useful to keep in for charity raffle prizes so I will try to make a couple of those to keep in stock.

Yesterday I visited my GP to see if I could get some stronger painkillers. I got a lecture from him about not coming to see him earlier and for not telling him how I have been feeling. I think the clue came when he asked me how I was and I burst into tears.We had a long discussion about my not bothering to dress some days and my leaving the dishes and not doing housework etc and he diagnosed I was depressed. He said the last time he saw me he thought that I wasn't coping too well and said I should take some anti depressants until this mood passes over. I argued that I didn't call myself depressed just generally pissed off with my situation and he said that was still a form of depression. I have to ring him on Friday to see if these painkillers are working and if not then he will give me something stronger. He told me that I was a sadist for trying to cope with the lesser painkillers for so long and that there was no shame in asking for help. It's funny but I thought that this mood would lift once I got told I was getting knee replacements but it suddenly all came to a head after that.

I hope that my new pills kick in soon and I will be writing that I am cleaning the house from top to bottom and going out for a walk. The GP did say not to expect overnight miracles as these things take a few days to work. I have to ring him on Friday to let him know how I am getting on. He is such a caring GP I am very lucky to have him.

I am going to make a drink as one immediate side effect that I have from my new pills is a very dry mouth. I don't drink enough water on a daily basis so a dry mouth is probably a good thing where I am concerned. It will jog my memory to have drinks on a more regular basis. Then I think I will choose some needles as the cream unravelled wool is very thick and so I think would be better knitted in a scarf than crocheted. At least garter stitch, although mind numbing, is easy to do whilst watching TV.


June said...

I really hope you start to feel better soon, now that you have had a talk with your GP. Another lovely warm scarf Jan.

KnitNurd said...

Your doctor is right, Jan. There is no shame in asking for help and in today's world, there is absolutely no reason anybody should have to be in pain! I'm so glad he is giving you the help you need.
That is so kind of you to make another scarf for charity and it looks lovely. I can hardly wait to see what you do with the cream wool!