Monday, 1 March 2010

Back To Normal Again

The sun is shining today although it is a bit weak at times. I have taken the risk of pegging my washing outside on the washing lines so that is usually a guarantee of rain later. As long as I can get a bit of wet blown out from the washing before the rain starts then I will be happy.

Buster has gone home again. Hence all of the washing.I love that dog to bits but he is a rather moulty kind of dog despite his daily brushing. Everything that he touches has to be washed or hoovered. Even my knitting is covered in dog hairs although I do try so hard to keep him away from it. The hair must transfer from my trousers to my knitting. I must be the only person who has to hoover her knitting and crochet.

On Saturday I did manage an hour or so at the Islington Mill with the Kings Arms knitters. I took a taxi there as I had a few things to carry there but came back by public transport. I had a bit of excitement on the tram on the way home. It was packed worse than sardines in a can so it was hardly surprising that it broke down and left us on a station 4 stops from where I wanted to be. We all waited ages for another tram and when it arrived it was a new yellow tram that was as packed as the first tram had been. The new trams have more straps to hang on to but fewer seats. I had to stand all the way home but there was no danger of my falling over as I would have fallen against several people first. I know that I should have taken a taxi home but the first taxi was so expensive that I was trying to save a pound or nine!

I was in quite a bit of pain by the time I got home and didn't sleep well on Saturday night or last night so the knitting didn't progress much. I have managed to finish off a back of the chunky sweater. Mindless stocking stitch was all that I was in the mood for so I haven't even cast on the second piece of the striped sweater. It will get finished eventually. I ordered another ball of the James C Brett chunky as I didn't think that I would have enough with the 3 x 200 gram balls in stash to make this sweater. The way that it is working up I don't think that I will need it now but I can always make a hat or a scarf with the left over ball if I don't need it.

I have included a few more photos from Crochet Today as you can see it has a lot of granny square items, and retro cushions. I have included a close up of the tiara and wand that I spoke about in my last post. I think that even if I don't manage the dress and fairy wings I am definitely going to make the tiara and wand for my great grand daughters.

The sun has gone in so I will have to keep an eye on my washing as I watch Loose Women and eat some lunch. I hope that I get more knitting done today.

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Zu said...

I love those cushions! :-)