Thursday, 11 March 2010

Revised Boots

Revised version of the crochet boots from yesterday. I decided to unravel the boot and crochet it all in doubled wool. I was unhappy with the way that my decreasing had turned out on the first boot so I was going to re-do it anyway.

I have stopped the first boot and started the second. That's the only trouble with working with vintage wool. You can't get another ball if you run out. The boots are supposed to have a turn over top so I have stopped crocheting for the moment until I finish the foot of the second boot and find out whether the boots will have one or not. I might have to make a shorter turn up on each or leave them as they are with just a single thickness instead of a fold over. I will hopefully have them finished off by tomorrow so will have to make a decision soon.

The knitting didn't get any more stripes knitted last night as I was concentrating on getting the boot shaping right. Hopefully I will persuade myself to knit a couple more stripes before I start another project.

Today I went to the dentist. Just for a check up but I told him that I may not be able to make my next check up as his surgery is up a narrow flight of stairs. It might be some time before I can get up his stairs with one op and then the other,Apparently he has enquired about fitting a stair lift but they can't do that unless he has a new stair case fitted as well which would involve an awful lot of building work and he would have to close whilst it is being done. Surely I can't be the only patient of his that has difficulty with his steep narrow staircase. I would change dentists but it so hard these days to get a dentist to take you on as a new patient. Luckily my teeth are in fairly good shape for my age and so missing an appointment won't be the worse thing in the world as long as I don't have any dental emergencies.

When I got off the tram the ticket inspectors were on the platform. Two of them were lovely. One carried my trolley down the stairs and the other one held my arm and helped me down the stairs. They do have a long ramp but it twists and turns so much that I feel like I have walked home if I go down that.I suppose that there are legislations on how steep the ramp can be and that is why it involves the three terraces. They really need a lift on the station. Some of the stations have them but some of the lifts are not working which is equally as bad as not having one at all. I have just read in the local paper that they are doing some more work on the line and the trams will stop again in July and August. I feel that they have only just got back running as normal and now they are messing about again. All last summer I could not get into the centre of Manchester as the tram stopped at Victoria station and the walk into the shopping mall was a long walk for me. They did provide a bus service but it didn't run from outside the station and I would have had to walk a distance to catch it and even then it didn't stop in the centre of Manchester because of the one way system. Anyone with any kind of a walking problem was definitely at a disadvantage.

I was going to do a bit of housework today but my knees want a good sit down at the moment so maybe later this afternoon I will hoover etc.


June said...

Those boots look really nice and cosy.

Zu said...

Wow you really are having a hard time. Elevators, trams, and Lord knows what else have become obstacles for you. When you first started having knee problems I never thought things would get this bad for you.
I hope things get easier for you one day soon Jan. *hugs*