Tuesday, 2 March 2010

I Love Parcels

I love parcels. Even when I know exactly what is in them because I ordered it. I still get a thrill when the postman knocks and I have a box to unpack.

I got these yesterday but as it was after I had written my blog I decided to save them for today. The James C Brett Marble chunky is just so scrummy. I love purple and red so no prizes for guessing why I ordered these. I don't know whether I will need the extra ball of the red as I have knitted the back and part of the front of my sweater and hardly used 300 grams. I will always make use of the extra ball for something.Purple wool from Purplelinda - very apt don't you think?

I had to go to the hospital today for a talk on the knee replacement operation and what to expect afterwards and which aids they can offer to make life easier once we are at home. We had a private one to one with the occupational therapist after the main chat. He assessed me as need some aids already and is arranging to have them delivered soon. Frames to help me in the bathroom and a sloping seat to use instead of my little stool in the kitchen so that I can sit to prepare meals, wash the dishes and iron. My house is rapidly turning into an old lady house.

The therapist said I might have problems when I return home as they expect the leg that hasn't been operated on to take the strain and in my case I don't have a good leg to do this. My left knee is giving me more trouble than the right at the moment and it kept me awake most of last night. I think that the GP and I will have to have another chat about pain relief.

In the waiting room were 5 people who were post op by about 6 weeks and all of them said it was the best thing that they have done. I just hope that my knees will be as good as theirs. They said that the worst bit is having to wear the surgical socks on both legs for 6 weeks. I am not looking forward to this bit. I hope that they are cotton as anything synthetic flares up the eczema on my lower legs.

I haven't touched any needles or hook today as I have been out from 11am until 5pm. Maybe tonight I will get something done. I love the layette patterns that I got in the parcel. They are by Carole Prior and published by Leisure Arts. At least this pattern leaflet has a couple of designs that can be made for a baby boy if I changed a bonnet into a helmet. The only snag is that the patterns are only in a 6 months old size. I suppose that I could make them smaller with a smaller hook or slightly finer wool.

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January said...

I love the colour of the marble chunky - makes me want to go and buy some myself.
My mother-in-law has had both of her knees replaced now and she's never looked back.